Take Me To The Dungeon: Achievement Guide 100%

This is a simple guide that helps you obtain all achievements easily.
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  • There are 33 achievements in this game.

    9 achievements about Collectibles.
    14 achievements about The Story.
    3 achievements about Endings.
    and 7 special achievements.

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  • ——- Rune Master ——-

    Obtain 170 Lv.3 runes.

    If you have not obtain this achivevment, just buy [Scarlet Rune 3] in the shop.
    The achievement will be unlocked until the total number of level 3 runes reaches 170.

  • ——- Starter Deck ——-

    Unlock 20 cards.

    ——- A Thing or Two ——-

    Unlock 40 cards.

    ——- Tactician ——-

    Unlock all cards.

    To unlock these achievements, you should complete the game first. Then buy all the cards that you can in the shop.

  • ——- Monster Hunter ——-

    Kill 150 normal monsters.

    ——- Rare Killer ——-

    Kill 30 rare monsters.

    To unlock these achievements, you just need to kill monsters in the dungeon and that is easy.

  • ——- The Strongest Partner ——-

    All Una’s abilities reach max level.

    To unlock this one, just complete the game and back to una’s house, then use the dews.

  • ——- Finish Training ——-

    Unlock all CGs.

    To unlock this achievement, you should collect all 23 CGs,
    3 Trap CGs, choose the [Treasure] area in the [1st~40th] dungeon. There is a chance to encounter the events.
    3 Rest CGs, to get them, you should have different HP when you go into [Rest] area.
    1 Hotspring CG with multiple differences, to get them all, the only thing you need to do is clearing the dungeon again and again until you get them.
    5 Defeat CGs, just lose the final stage in the dungeons.
    About the Other CGs, no need to worry, you will get them after clearing the game.
    This achievement will unlock once you obtained all of the CGs.

  • ———— Beware of Traps ————

    Trigger 10 trap events.

    To unlock this achievement, just go into the [Event] area, the [1st~40th] Floors may be a good idea.

The Story

  • —- Slime’s Revenge —-

    Trigger the slime trap.

    —- Needles with Holes —-

    Trigger the spike trap.

    ——- Tricky Trap ——-

    Trigger the chest trap.

    To meet the 3 trap events, just go into the [Treasure] areas in the level 1.

  • —- Can I use my mouth? —-

    Win on floor 20.

    —- Gentle! It’s my first time. —-

    Win on floor 40.

    —- One Person Orgy —-

    Win on floor 60.

    —- Favorite Number —-

    Win on floor 80.

    ———— Forgot Una ————

    Clear the succubus dungeon.

    —— Under The Moon ——

    Win on floor 100.

    Just win the levels.

  • —- Tentacle Time —-

    Lose on floor 20.

    —- 0 + 1 + 0 —-

    Lose on floor 40.

    ——– Footsy! ——–

    Lose on floor 60.

    ——– Tit Job ——–

    Lose on floor 80.

    —- Mona’s Mount —-

    Lose on floor 100.

    And just lose the levels, nothing needs to be explained.

Three Ends

  • Yes, this game has 3 endings.
    In the game, you will meet two choices in two different places. The game’s ending only depends on the decisions you made.
    They are [Tell her] and [Not tell her].

    (Tips: I suggest choosing the normal ending for the first playthrough, and then after clearing the game, you can change the choices you made at una‘s house to enter different endings.)

  • ——– April Showers ——–

    Reach the happy ending.

    Choose [Tell her], [Tell her].
    And if you defeat the boss on the 100th floor, you will see the happy ending.

  • ——– Eternal Return ——–

    Reach the normal ending.

    Choose [Tell her], [NOT tell her].
    Or choose [NOT tell her] directly.
    And if you defeat the boss on the 100th floor, you will see the normal ending.

  • ———– Drain ———–

    Reach the bad ending.

    Lose the boss on the 100th floor.
    Then you will see the bad ending.


  • ————- Over the Limit ————-

    Una’s direct damage exceeds 9999.

    A hard but easy way, you should take these cards:
    [Tiger Slash]: Innate Rune x2, Pierce Rune III x1;
    [Unsheathed Slash]: A Posteriori Rune x2.
    And then take some trash cards, go to the side dungeon to beat Supernatural Beasts.
    Rest at the Turn 1 and discard [Unsheathed Slash]. Then keep increasing “charge up” until the [Tiger Slash]’s damage number exceeds 9999.
    I tested this method, and the conclusion is that you need more than 30 minutes to complete it.

    If you think this method is TOO SLOW, you can put an [Attribute SFX Rune III] on your tiger slash and go to the 1st dungeon, try to get more treasures to up your damage, and find a little monster which is speed attribute. Follow the same steps. This way will be faster.

    The following achievements are about special methods to kill the bosses.

    I recommend that you first complete the game, and then go back to the previous levels to unlock them.
    This is my cards deck, it uses Burn and Poison to hit high damage:



    How to use:
    Discard the [Poison Strike] and the [Fireball], then choose [Flames of Illusions], [Slash], and [Avalanche]. Use [Poison Bite] to increase the [Poison] and use [Pyroblast] to increase the [Burn]. You can use [Sprite Break] to spread the DoT stacks to other monsters. (This is a very useful card.) When you find treasure, remember to choose one that can increase [Burn] abilities.
    Don’t discard [Poison Bite], [Pyroblast], and [Sprite Break]!

    To win 1 monster:
    1.Choose [Avalanche] at turn 1, and use [Defense] to increase your Armor. (DO NOT FORGET!!!)
    2.At turn 2, just unleash your [Pyroblast] from the cards deck. And enjoy your “Burn” fun.

    If there are multiple enemies:
    Just find a guy that has more HP, then use [Flames of Illusions], [Slash], [Avalanche], and [Sprite Break]. And then you will find that all the enemies will fall into “Burn & Poison” states.

    It would be best to obtain these two items, but it’s okay if you don’t get them. The original cards deck is already powerful enough, I swear.
    Infernal Crystal: It will double your fire damage.
    All-Inclusive Item Use: Increase bandages’ HP recovery value.

  • ———— Kill the King ————

    Defeat the Tentacle Monster without killing any tiny tentacles.

    This achievements is about the level 1 boss and it’s easy. Just treat the boss like 1 monster, ignore the little 2 monsters. DO NOT USE [Sprite Break]!!!

  • —————- Not a Drop —————-

    Defeat the Vampire Queen without letting her recover HP.

    Level 2, When you are fighting against normal monsters, remember to increase your [Armor].
    And when you meet the boss, you will find the boss can not drain your health because of your armor.
    You will get this achievement once you beat the boss while still having armor.

  • —————– Where’s the Bomb? —————–

    Defeat Pamela while her clone is still present.

    Level 3, it is easy too. Just do the same as in level 1.

  • —————- Hard as a Rock —————-

    Survive without breaking Mona’s charge.

    Level 4, this achievement is a little hard to obtain. You should try to get more armor before meeting the boss. After reducing the boss’s HP to below half, wait for 10 turns, and then make sure your own HP + Armor is above 250.
    If everything goes smoothly, you will obtain the achievement. By the way, don’t let the boss’s armor drop to 0. Otherwise, the boss will run away directly.

  • —————- Sensitivity 3000 —————-

    Clear the succubus dungeon while Una has maximum marks.

    The special level. You’d better get the [All-Inclusive Item Use] ASAP, and when you’re fighting the first boss, let them hit you. The white succubus’s buff is useful. When you’re out of health, you can use bandages to recover HP. In a word, get all the buffs and don’t be afraid.

  • —————— Dramatic Counter ——————

    Fight to the last moment with Mona while discarding
    all your cards (excluding item cards).

    The final level and the final achievement. To unlock it, you should be on the way to the Good End. The boss will have two forms and will remain on the field for 5 turns when its health is low. You need to find the right timing to discard your cards.
    Let me give you some advice. First, keep your poison value between 80 and 90. The boss will take half the poison value in damage every round. Second, don’t give the boss too much “Burn”. When you feel the boss is going to die, start discarding your cards. If you make a mistake, immediately close the game and restart it, you can fight the boss again.

    Discard your last card at the 5th turn. You can only see the rest and skip buttons UI in this turn. You’d better have at least 1 bandage(a.k.a Item card) if you can. If you discard your card too fast, you will lose.

    If things go well, you will unlock this achievement now.

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