Team Fortress 2: Niche Custom Scripts 2021

Some niche scripts for fun and useful things in Team Fortress 2.



Default Config / Config Reset
In the same folder as your “autoexec.cfg”, create a folder called “tweaks”. In the “tweaks” folder, create a new cfg called “defaults.cfg”. This will be executed every time you change your class, so that keys not used for a single class (R as scout) but not another (R as engi or medic) won’t conflict when bound to certain scripts.
In the “defaults.cfg” file, we’ll add all the important defaults.
mat_motion_blur_enabled 0
fov_desired 90
viewmodel_fov 90
r_drawviewmodel 1
hud_medicautocallersthreshold 45
bind e "voicemenu 0 0"
bind mouse1 +attack
bind mouse2 +attack2
bind mouse3 +attack3
bind r +reload
bind space +jump
bind 1 slot1
bind 2 slot2
bind 3 slot3
bind 4 slot4
bind 5 slot5
bind 6 slot6
bind 7 slot7
bind 8 slot8
bind 9 slot9
bind 0 slot10

Class Specific Configs / Reset Triggers
Here we’re going to call the “defaults.cfg” file we just made every time we change class. In the folder your “autoexec.cfg” file is stored, you will have a cfg file with each class name. Go into each one and add this line AT THE VERY TOP:

exec tweaks/defaults
Make SURE this line is FIRST in ALL class .cfg files.


TRUE AutoReload
This will make sure your stickies continue to reload while DETONATE is held down. By default, autoreload will wait until you release the DETONATE key! Starts activated. Press R to toggle on/off.
When enabled, you will hear a “ding” sound effect. When disabled, you will hear a “click”.
bind r "-reload; tar"
alias tar tar-off
alias tar-off	"-reload; alias tar tar-on; play /ui/buttonclick"
alias tar-on	"+reload; alias tar tar-off; play /ui/item_metal_tiny_pickup"
IMPORTANT NOTE: This WILL bug out the Loose Cannon when enabled, making it nearly impossible to use. Press R once to disable before using the Loose Cannon!!


Medic Radar Scan
Press E (call for medic), to display a “low health” indicator/icon above all currently living teammates on the map. Including disguised spies!!
bind e +medar
alias +medar "voicemenu 0 0; hud_medicautocallersthreshold 100"
alias -medar "hud_medicautocallersthreshold 45"


Quick Sentry Rebuild
This script will destroy any previously built sentry, and build a sentry right in front of you immediately. Best used with minis.
To use, press and hold Middle Mouse Button. Simple as that.
bind mouse3 +quickbuild
alias +quickbuild "destroy 2; build 2; +attack"
alias -quickbuild "-attack"


Scout Winger Auto Jump Boost
This script, when enabled, will automatically pull out your secondary (The Winger) before every jump for a permanent jump boost. Starts disabled. Press R to enable. Similarly to Demo’s autoreload script, a “ding” means it’s enabled. The “click” sound means it’s disabled.
bind r toggle-wj
alias +wj "slot2; +jump"
alias -wj "slot1; -jump"
alias toggle-wj "wj-on; alias toggle-wj wj-off"
alias wj-on "bind space +wj; alias toggle-wj wj-off; play /ui/item_metal_tiny_pickup"
alias wj-off "bind space +jump; alias toggle-wj wj-on; play /ui/buttonclick"


Pyro Firespin
This script will cause you to spam fire in all directions very quickly. Useful for camping a dispenser, quickly spychecking all around you, looking funny, and disorienting yourself. Hold R to activate.
Motion blur is enabled while activated to save your eyes and brain from being scrambled. Seriously. It makes a difference.
mat_motion_blur_rotation_intensity 10
cl_yawspeed 3000
alias +firespin "+right; +attack; mat_motion_blur_enabled 1"
alias -firespin "-right; -attack; mat_motion_blur_enabled 0"
bind r +firespin


Ambassador Zoom Toggle
This is a simple zoom toggle script, mainly for amby sniping. Press R to toggle zoom.
bind "R" zoomtoggle
alias zoomtoggle "zoomin1"
alias zoomin1 "fov_desired 45; alias zoomtoggle zoomin2"
alias zoomin2 "fov_desired 90; alias zoomtoggle zoomin1"


Misc Global Scripts
Toggle Voice/Text communication. Press BACKSPACE to toggle.
//Backspace = comms on/off
bind backspace "tcom"
alias tcom coms-off
alias coms-off	"voice_scale 0; hud_saytext_time 0; alias tcom coms-on; play ui/buttonclick"
alias coms-on	"voice_scale 1; hud_saytext_time 4; alias tcom coms-off; play ui/item_metal_tiny_pickup"

By Mr. K

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