Team Fortress 2: How to Disable Decals on Casual Mode (A Mod that Actually Works)

This is a working method with a mod that is able to disable decals on Casual Mode, as well Community Servers.   Download Link Video Demonstration Watch me going to a Casual Server and showcasing that none of the decals from my decal-ed items are showing up. How this works It seems that on … Read more

Team Fortress 2: Halloween Transmute Guide

This guide will break down how the Halloween transmute trade-ups work in TF2.   Transmuting Available only during Scream Fortress events, the Halloween Transmute allows players to trade three items in exchange for a random untradable Scream Fortress cosmetic. ​ Transmuting three items together produces the same result as opening a Halloween Package. Also, for every … Read more

Team Fortress 2: Soldier Weapon Tier List

This guide will rank every single soldier weapon into 4 categories based from my personal experience and the overall opinion from the Steam community!   Introduction So in this guide I’ll rank every single soldier weapon into 4 categories Meta, Side Grade, Gimmicky, and Direct Downgrade, This is mostly my opinion and those who helped me … Read more

Team Fortress 2: Stylish Medic Outfits

These loadouts won’t incorporate unusuals or any overly expensive items. Plus, they look nice!   My Loadout! This is my personal loadout, and I think it looks pretty nice! This is the perfect outfit for people who want the exact same look as some nobody medic main on the internet. Contents: Twisted Topper (Mann Co. … Read more

Team Fortress 2: Cheeky Airblast Spots 2021

This guide will list some devious places you can hide as Pyro and airblast unsuspecting enemies.   Airblast or Shortstop Alright, so, in all of these places you can either play as Pyro and use the Flamethrower, or play as Scout and use the Shortstop. I recommend doing it with the Flamethrower, because airblast knocks enemies back … Read more

Team Fortress 2: Niche Custom Scripts 2021

Some niche scripts for fun and useful things in Team Fortress 2.   Preparation Default Config / Config Reset In the same folder as your “autoexec.cfg”, create a folder called “tweaks”. In the “tweaks” folder, create a new cfg called “defaults.cfg”. This will be executed every time you change your class, so that keys not … Read more