Team Fortress 2: How To Enable Ragdolls But Disable Gibs (Giblets)

I will show you console commands wich allow you to enable ragdolls and disable gibs.   Creation autoexec.cfg File Open your autoexec.cfg file. (If you don’t have one, watch this video)  Commands Copy and paste these commands into your autoexec.cfg file: // Enable Ragdolls cl_ragdoll_fade_time 15 cl_ragdoll_forcefade 0 cl_ragdoll_physics_enable … Read More

Team Fortress 2: Scream Fortress XV Unique Loadout Sets (2025-2026)

Unique cosmetic loadout-sets using recently added Scream Fortress XV [2025-2026] items.   Overview A quick & small guide for cool & unique Scream Fortress loadouts you can acquire, tho most of these don’t demand a bigger value of your wallet. The Loadouts in Question Hotline Mann of Miami Clown’s Cover-Up … Read More

Team Fortress 2: Halloween Transmute Guide

This guide will break down how the Halloween transmute trade-ups work in TF2.   Transmuting Available only during Scream Fortress events, the Halloween Transmute allows players to trade three items in exchange for a random untradable Scream Fortress cosmetic. ​ Transmuting three items together produces the same result as opening … Read More

Team Fortress 2: All Types of “Pre-Round” Players

This guide will list all the different types of “pre-round” players in TF2.   The AFK ​ This person is AFK. They might be getting some coffee, watching YouTube in their shift+tab browser, eating… who knows! Whatever they’re doing, they ain’t moving! The HAPPYYY ​ A Demoman that just spams … Read More

Team Fortress 2: How to Bind Suicide with Command

In this guide you will get command to bind suicide.   Settings First go to settings click keyboard, advenced and turn on “developer console” How to bind it? To open console press ` . Explode command is : bind “there is button you choosed” explode Normal Suicide command it : … Read More

Team Fortress 2: Soldier Weapon Tier List

This guide will rank every single soldier weapon into 4 categories based from my personal experience and the overall opinion from the Steam community!   Introduction So in this guide I’ll rank every single soldier weapon into 4 categories Meta, Side Grade, Gimmicky, and Direct Downgrade, This is mostly my opinion … Read More

Team Fortress 2: Stylish Medic Outfits

These loadouts won’t incorporate unusuals or any overly expensive items. Plus, they look nice!   My Loadout! This is my personal loadout, and I think it looks pretty nice! This is the perfect outfit for people who want the exact same look as some nobody medic main on the internet. … Read More

Team Fortress 2: How to Sell Crates/Cases Easily

This guide will show you how to put crates, cases, or basically any other item on the Market pretty quickly, without needing to constantly punch in or copy and paste the same numbers over and over again! You won’t need your Steam client for this, though! Close Steam and open … Read More

Team Fortress 2: Cheeky Airblast Spots 2021

This guide will list some devious places you can hide as Pyro and airblast unsuspecting enemies.   Airblast or Shortstop Alright, so, in all of these places you can either play as Pyro and use the Flamethrower, or play as Scout and use the Shortstop. I recommend doing it with the Flamethrower, … Read More