Team Fortress 2: How to Sell Crates/Cases Easily

This guide will show you how to put crates, cases, or basically any other item on the Market pretty quickly, without needing to constantly punch in or copy and paste the same numbers over and over again! You won’t need your Steam client for this, though! Close Steam and open up your internet browser of choice!


1: Getting Augmented Steam!

Augmented Steam is a cool extension I’ve been using that helps put my Cases and Crates on the Steam Market easily with their “Quick Sell” feature. If you have a browser like Chrome, Opera GX, or any other browser that allows you to apply Chrome extensions, you can easily add Augmented Steam to your browser. If you don’t have Chrome or Opera GX, try Googling if there’s a version of the extension suited for your browser! Here’s Augmented Steam on the Chrome Web Store:

Once you have it added onto your browser, click the icon of the extension and go into Augmented Steam’s settings. Scroll down until you see the “Inventory” section and make sure “Show Quick Sell buttons on Steam Community Items” is checked. After you’ve done this, head on over to Steam on your browser, log in, and head over to your Inventory!

2: Using “Quick Sell”!

Once you have done the two steps above, head over to your Inventory on Steam in your browser that has Augmented Steam. Make sure you refresh your page if it was open before you added Augmented Steam to your browser. Then, find yourself a crate, case, or item that you would like to sell! Most cases and crates sell for a minimum amount that an item can be sold for on Steam, meaning you’ll only get a tiny amount in return. If you have a bunch of crates however, that can lead to you getting a tiny bit of money back over time, as well as clearing up your inventory of cases.

Once you have found the item you want to sell, scroll down. Usually you would simply see the “Sell” button, which would have you manually put in the values to sell your cases. Now, there should be a new “Quick Sell” button! Pressing this button will automatically put the case up for sale for the same value that most people sell theirs for (which is usually about $0.03 Canadian). After a second or less of loading, you’ll be good to choose your next case, crate, or other item to sell!

If the item you are selling already has a buy offer out there for something less than what the Quick Sell option is for, there will also be an “Instant Sell” button. Keep in mind that if you press this button, you will automatically be receiving the money for your item, but more often than not you will be selling the item for a little less than what it’s worth. Be careful! It may be worth it to press “Quick Sell” and wait for someone to decide the item, rather than to sell it to someone who wants it for less. It is entirely up to you, however!

3: Finishing Up!

To clarify, pressing “Quick Sell” does not mean you are instantly selling your item, unlike “Instant Sell”. Most crates and cases will only have a “Quick Sell” option, and it will take some time until someone buys that crate or case. Sometimes it can be worth it to wait if it means you’re getting a few cents out of it instead of just deleting the items outright!

I understand this method might only save you a little bit of time when it comes to selling your stuff, but I still feel it’s much quicker than putting in your values manually over and over again. One click is much better, after all! Also, if you accidentally “Quick Sell” something, don’t worry! You can go to the market and check your listings, and click “Remove” next to the item to get it back. Just remember that “Instant Sell” will sell the item immediately to someone with a buy offer, so be careful!

Other than that, I hope this guide helped! You have to do this through your browser, but I still think it’s quite efficient. If you have any questions, you can ask them below, but I would suggest looking them up as I imagine there are people out there that are much more knowledgeable about this than I am. Enjoy making some cash off your cases and crates you’ve earned over the years!

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