Team Fortress 2: Halloween Transmute Guide

This guide will break down how the Halloween transmute trade-ups work in TF2.



Available only during Scream Fortress events, the Halloween Transmute allows players to trade three items in exchange for a random untradable Scream Fortress cosmetic.

Transmuting three items together produces the same result as opening a Halloween Package. Also, for every ten transmutations, the player receives one extra cosmetic that is 100% guaranteed to be of Haunted quality.

Only specific items can be used in Transmutes. Here is a list of all the items that you can not use in a Transmute trade-up…

  • Unique quality weapons
  • Any cosmetic that uses the Medal equip region
  • Most Genuine items
  • Unusual quality items
  • Community items
  • Event-granted tools (like the Spellbook Magazine)
  • Most tools
  • Metal
  • Keys
  • Crates

Also your Soul Gargoyle keeps track of how many Transmutes you have performed.

How to Transmute

Open your backpack and left click on your Soul Gargoyle, like so…

…then select Halloween Transmute.

Items You Can Transmute

You can trade-up cosmetics, weapons (that aren’t unique quality), description tags & more.

I would highly suggest just trading up a bunch of description tags, as they are very cheap.

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