Team Fortress 2: Scream Fortress XV Unique Loadout Sets (2025-2026)

Unique cosmetic loadout-sets using recently added Scream Fortress XV [2025-2026] items.



A quick & small guide for cool & unique Scream Fortress loadouts you can acquire, tho most of these don’t demand a bigger value of your wallet.

The Loadouts in Question

Hotline Mann of Miami

Clown’s Cover-Up
Big Mann of Campus
Blizzard Britches (A Distinctive Lack of Hue)

The Demolition’s Hazard

Hazard Headgear
Bruiser’s Bandanna (Mann Co. Orange or Cream Spirit)
Stunt Suit

The Laughing Stock

Clown’s Make-Up
Guilden Guardian
Huntsman’s Essentials (or other fitting cosmetic you can think of)

The Firefly

Dead Heat
Crusader’s Getup
Gas Guzzler

The problematic Frenchmann

Classic Criminal
Concealed Convict
-any fitting cosmetic of your choice-

The H.E.C.U. Marine (of Half-Life)

Version 1
Full Metal Helmet (Zepheniah’s Green)
Shortness of Breath
Stealth Bomber

Version 2
Shortness of Breath
Attack Palms
Stealth Bomber


This guide may or may not be updated depending on my levels of laziness.

Thanks to Sadako Pegs for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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