Team Fortress 2: Stylish Medic Outfits

These loadouts won’t incorporate unusuals or any overly expensive items. Plus, they look nice!


My Loadout!
This is my personal loadout, and I think it looks pretty nice! This is the perfect outfit for people who want the exact same look as some nobody medic main on the internet.

Twisted Topper
(Mann Co. Orange) Dead of Night
(Noble Hatters Violet) All-Father

The Blu Baron
This stylish, fighter-pilot inspired fit is sure to turn heads. It would go nicely with the Rolfe Copter, but alas, we cant wear 4 cosmetics.

Baron Von Havenplane
Scourge of the Sky

The Mad Doktor
With ruffled, mad hair, various medical instruments, and a grafted-on zombie head, this outfit will bring out the hellishly cruel mad scientist that lies behind every medic main. Don’t try to deny it.

Das Maddendoktor
Second Opinion (Halloween Restricted)
Surgeons Sidearms

The Pocket Med
Everyone’s seen this loadout, likely also sporting a kritzkrieg perpetually stuck to a soldier with the black box and conch. Still, despite the bad reputation, I think it looks nice.

Blighted Beak
Angel of Death

The Combat Medic
While this armor makes you look rad, it wont do you any good against those snipers. Sorry.

Berlin Brain Bowl
Bunnyhopper’s Ballistics Vest
Surgical Survivalist

The Megalomania(c)
Military grade helmet, awesome shades and beard, and coat adorned with medals of honor. This is a man who has clearly been to party city.

Das Naggenvatcher
Fashionable Megalomaniac
Colonels Coat

The Snowtrooper
Don the armor of an Imperial Snowtrooper. The benefits include looking cool, and having an excuse for missing all your crossbow shots as people will think it’s a stormtrooper aim joke!

Surgical Survivalist
Coldfront Commando
Coldfront Carapace

The Nutcracker
This outfit is nice because nutcrackers are vaguely festive enough to pass as Smissmas themed, while also not being too festive to wear year-round.

Ruffled Ruprecht
Surgeons Shako
Medical Monarch

The Robo-Med
1010100 1101000 1101001 1110011 100000 1101100 1101111 1100001 1100100 1101111 1110101 1110100 100000 1101100 1101111 1101111 1101011 1110011 100000 1100011 1101111 1101111 1101100 100000 1100001 1100110

Vascular Vestment
Berlin Brain Bowl

The Spacists Suit
This suit simultaneously commemorates Poopy Joe, rd_astroid, and Pluto’s planetary status. Three memorials for the price of one!

Lo-Grav Loafers (Halloween Restricted)
Surgeon’s Space Suit (Halloween Restricted)
Captain Space Mann

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