Team Fortress 2: How to Kill Sniper Bots/Heavy Bots

This guide will show you how to try to kill the bots who are spawn camping, capturing points, and pushing/defending the cart.


Killing bots

What you need: Pocket vaccinator medic and a pyro/sniper
How to do it: To kill spawn camping bots, simply wait for a medic to have vaccinator, tell medic to pop it, and proceed to w+m1 all of the bots, it’s that simple. If a bot is on the objective or long-range, get a confident sniper to pocket, to kill the pesky heavy bots.

Information about bots

There are many types of bots, but to be more aware of them follow these steps:

There are name changing bots, they work from getting info from other bots in that server
If it is at the start of the round the bot will immediately kick that person, if that person does not say f1 doesn’t do so, if the bot is mic spamming, press tab and look at the bots class, sniper/heavy’s are easily identified. kick one of them and pray that you did not kick a real person.

regular name bots:
These bots are easy to identify, i even made a list about them all at

if someone is mic spamming, check them, and if there spinning kick them, or in the kill feed if they’re getting A: a lot of kills with mini-gun or B getting a lot of head-shots really quickly, you may have discovered a bot.

Chat spambots:
These bots are easy to find, go to console scroll up and you will see their username
after that kick them.

Helpful tips:
1. Never go to the links in people’s usernames/chat spam unless its a trusted site, it may be an IP logger and the bots will target you, unless you do something on their site, essentially blackmailing you, before visiting a site search it up and get any info if possible, and look for spelling mistakes in the name of popular companies like twitch or YouTube.
2. I recommend using a VPN anywhere, even not in tf2 to protect yourself online.
3. Set your default auto-download settings on your browser off, so you have to manually accept the download request, yes it can be annoying but will protect your computer from auto-installing malware that the bot maker can use to make your computer useless to you but your computer would become a bot user.
4. Don’t be stupid, I know it’s kind of common knowledge, but don’t tell anyone your address online, don’t put your info in unsecured sites, secure sites will have a lock at the top. Use basic security protection software.

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