Team Fortress 2: All Types of “Pre-Round” Players

This guide will list all the different types of “pre-round” players in TF2.



This person is AFK. They might be getting some coffee, watching YouTube in their shift+tab browser, eating… who knows! Whatever they’re doing, they ain’t moving!


A Demoman that just spams G and keeps saying “HAPPY!” over & over again


A Huntsman Sniper who keeps saying “STAB STAB STAB” over & over again

The Tryhard

A Pyro that tries to light people on fire through the gates

The Too Cool For Taunting

Someone who stands in the middle of their entire team who is Conga-ing, and refuses to join in

The Poker Face

Someone who doesn’t taunt at all. They’re very serious.

The Kill Binder

Someone who uses their kill bind to be funny

The Sniper

A Sniper that stands in one position, scoped in, waiting to take a shot…

The Taunt Killer

A person trying to taunt kill enemies through the gate… and failing

…or failing like this (a little less embarrassing)

The Leaper

This guy is a Scout/Soldier that jumps on top of things in spawn

The Unusual Taunter

A person showing off their unusual taunt

The Spammer

Someone that spams one single voice line over & over again (usually “MEDIC!” or “Spy”)
The Super Soaker

A Sniper who throws Jarate at the gate to cover enemies in it (or a Scout that throws Mad Milk)

The Conga/Kicker

Someone who uses Conga/Kazotsky Kick with their teammates

The Medic

A Medic that stands and builds up their Über

The Trapper

A Demoman who sets up sticky traps by the doors

The Alert

Someone who sees a Demoman setting up sticky traps and intensely stares at the stickies, to let the Demo know that they see them.

The Engie

An Engineer setting their stuff up

The Blatant Spy

An enemy Spy that is disguised as you/one of your teammates, spamming the “Spy” voice command while staring at you

The Hungry Russian Bear

A Heavy that eats Sandviches

The Classic

A player who paces around and uses stock taunts

The Bot

(You already know…)

The Charger

A Demoman that keeps charging into the wall over & over again

The Pan Man

A guy who just hits his teammates with a pan very loudly

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