Team Fortress 2: The Different Types of Friendlies

This guide will teach you about the different types of friendlies and how dangerous they are.


Danger Level: 2/10
Basically full friendly but a handful of hoovies will fight back if you shoot them, there are also fake hoovies who you should kill on sight so they happen to kill you, other than that they are harmless.

Danger Level: -1/10
These guys have no guns so no harm can be done but for some reason they die faster than hoovies so, yeah

The observer spy
These guys just sit back and watch you, but some live to just sap engineer’s buildings and nothin’ else, so if your an engineer and the other team has an observer spy, have fun!

Danger Level: 0/10
These guys really love walking into sentries and walls because they have no way to see, if you see a spycrab look down for a second they are probably checking their surroundings don’t worry

Danger Level: 9/10
Technically not a friendly but I guess they can stay on this list, even if they are called “trolliders” they are going to try to murder you. If they fail they might just leave.

The empty sentry
Danger Level: 3/10
These are engineers who empty their sentry guns and let it click, usually no harm but any engineer on their team can walk up and put ammo into the sentry or the engineer themselves.

Fake Friendlies
Danger Level: 1000000000000000000000000000000/10
These guys will fake being a friendly then when a moment of weakness is shown, they will kill you with no mercy, if you die to these guys don’t fall for it twice.


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