Team Fortress 2: How to be a Noise Maker dealer (Winter Holiday)

In this guide I will present you the best and definitive way to become a professional Noise Maker dealer.


Step 1 – Method of production

Wait until Smissmas.
(in case you already have it or it’s Smissmas, then move on to the next step, unless you want to celebrate Smissmas in the summer)

Step 2 – Fill in the inventory

Once in Smissmas, you will have to fill the inventory, and for this, you will use another account, since all accounts (regardless of the premium) always give a Noise Maker, to get another you will have to repeat the same process until the amount you think is acceptable and just to start in the business.

Step 3 – Loadout

An image always sells, and to sell the product you will have to be dressed for the occasion, the ideal loadout would be:

  • Engineer


  • Danger
  • Dad Duds (painted with Zepheniah´s Greed)
  • Breakneck Baggies (painted with After Eight)

(Of course, there will be the option to use another class or another loadout, but it will not guarantee that you will be able to sell effectively).

Step 4 – Trading

At this point it will be completely up to you to trade, but if you follow the above steps I assure you that you will be the envy of the Demopan and you will be able to trade a Noise Maker for an Vintage Lugermorph.
PD: personal recommendation, use your name to promote yourselves and use the trading servers, it is always good to get some publicity

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