The 2020 Trail: 100% Achievement Guide

How to earn all the achievements! Some might be pretty obvious…


Let’s Get 100%

Bird Basher: Crash into all 3 bird species (duck, goose, seagull).

Cart Coaster: Ride every shopping cart in all 3 stores.
*There are 2 carts in each store, RIDE THEM FOR THE GLORY OF ROHAN!*

COVID Clear: Never catch the ‘rona.
*Use masks, avoid the green cloud potatoes, don’t go to big events and use that soap on the inside mini-game only!*

COVID Survivor: Survive catching the ‘rona.
*When you get ‘rona, you are unable to shop or use self-care as you a resting and in lockdown, but be sure to immediately self-care when you’re out of the 10 days or you could die if your health is ‘poor’.*

Executive Chef: Make all recipes at least once.
*In a single playthrough, make every delicious meal!*

Frontline Hero: Survive the game as a frontline worker.
*Obviously, you choose frontline worker at the beginning, then beat the game.*

Healthful: Never let your health become poor.
*Keep your spirits high with a lot of self-care and do your best to not get ‘rona.*

Hoarder: Max out your TP supplies 3 times.
*In a single playthrough, get your TP to a stack of 8 three times.*

Locked Up: Never say yes to going out.
*Just say no. Even to your adoring grandmother… even skateboarding! Do nothing but be inside… except shopping. Thanksgiving? Zoom it.*

Masked Up: Wear a mask at every given opportunity.
*Always put on a mask when you get asked: stores, outings with friends, etc.*

Pro Dancer: Get a perfect score score of excellent or higher on all 3 dance songs in a single playthrough.
*In a single playthrough, play the “inside” mini-game and hit as many arrows correctly as you can. *Thank you to the developers for changing this and informing me about the new hitbox update, as well as changing from perfect to excellent.*

Pro Skater: Get a perfect score at the park and at the beach in a single playthrough.
*In a single playthrough, play the “outside” mini-game, but you have to get every ramp, every puddle and not hit anyone in both variations of the game (beach and park, as it says above). *

Pulverizer: Mow over 3 people in one shopping cart ride.
*You have to crash into 3 people in one shot; I did it in Mega Mart using the cart that goes from the bottom to the top.*

Social Butterfly: Say yes to most social invites.
*Just say yes! I chose to do every single thing, just in case.*

Survivor: Finish the game.

What pandemic?: Never wear a mask or social distance in the game.
*Don’t put on a mask at any store or event, always gather in person, etc.*

World’s Best Grandchild: Complete all of grandma’s shopping requests.
*Go shopping for your grandmother! She’s old, she’s adorable. Don’t be /that/ grandchild.

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