The Bible: Trivia Section All Answers

Made this guide because of a patch, so the game no longer gives you these achievements for free. There’s 100 questions in this, so just buckle down, follow the guide, and enjoy the achievements!


Questions 1-10

1. Q: Who ordered the construction of the Tower of Babel?
A: Nimrod

2. Q: Who was freed so that Jesus could be Crucified?
A: Barabbas

3. Q: Who is the oldest person in The Bible?
A: Methuselah

4. Q: Who was Jonah commanded to prophesy to?
A: Ninevites

5. Q: On what day did God create the sun, moon, and stars?
A: Day 4

6. Q: Which two people in the Bible didn’t die?
A: Enoch and Elijah

7. Q: How was the Serpent punished for deceiving Adam and Eve?
A: Lost its Legs

8. Q: Which two legendary creatures are mentioned in the book of Job?
A: Behemoth and Leviathan

9. Q: What city was Saul traveling to when God struck him with blindness?
A: Damascus

10. Q: How did Judas die?
A: Hung, then fell off a cliff

Questions 11-20

11. Q: What was the name of Bathsheba’s husband?
A: Uriah

12. Q: What couple was struck dead after lying to the holy spirit?
A: Ananias and Sapphira

13. Q: What are Nephilim?
A: Giants

14. Q: What did Jael drive through Sisera’s head as he slept?
A: Tent Peg

15. Q: How did Jacob convince Issac he was Esau?
A: He wore goat Skins

16. Q: How tall was Goliath?
A: Six Cubits and a Span

17. Q: What was the sign god made of his promise never to flood the earth again?
A: The Rainbow

18. Q: What did Esau trade his birthright for?
A: Soup

19. Q: How did God punish the Philistines for stealing the Ark of the Covenant from Israel?
A: Emerods

20. Q: How many wives did Solomon have?
A: 700

Questions 21-30

21. Q: How long did the Israelites wander in the wilderness?
A: Forty Years

22. Q: Whose wife did God turn into a pillar of salt?
A: Lot’s

23. Q: How did John the Baptist die?
A: Beheaded

24. Q: How many pharaohs ruled during Moses’ lifetime?
A: Two

25. Q: Who tricked Nebuchadnezzar into throwing Daniel in the Lion’s den?
A: The Satraps

26. Q: Why did the Israelites choose Saul as their King?
A: His Height

27. Q: What did Daniel eat to prove God’s strength?
A: Vegetables

28. Q: How many men did Samson kill with a Donkey’s Jawbone?
A: 1,000

29. Q: What disaster did Joseph avert in Egypt?
A: Famine

30. Q: What king witnessed ghostly fingers writing on his palace walls?
A: Belshazzar

Questions 31-40

31. Q: What did Samson eat out of a dead lion?
A: Honey

32. Q: What did Elijah order to be poured onto his altar before calling fire down upon it?
A: Water

33. Q: What did Tubal-Cain invent?
A: Blacksmithing

34. Q: Who was the first murder victim?
A: Abel

35. Q: What did David play to soothe King Saul to sleep?
A: Lyre

36. Q: Who was the Nephilim king of Bashan?
A: Og

37. Q: How many concubines did Solomon have?
A: 300

38. Q: Who anointed David to become king?
A: Samuel

39. Q: Who informed King Ahasuerus of Hamon’s plot to kill the Israelites?
A: Esther

40. Q: Which part of Adam did God use to make Eve?
A: Rib

Questions 41-50

41. Q: What kind of bird brought Elijah food as he hid in the Kerith ravine?
A: Ravens

42. Q: What did King Saul do to lose God’s favor?
A: Kept enemies Livestock

43. Q: Who got their father drunk and slept with him?
A: Lot’s daughters

44. Q: What sea did God part so the Israelites could escape Egypt?
A: Red

45. Q: What did John the Baptist eat while living in the Wilderness?
A: Honey and Locusts

46. Q: What King did god transform into a monster as punishment?
A: Nebuchadnezzar

47. Q: Whose bones did the Israelites carry with them during their Exodus?
A: Joseph’s

48. Q: Who sold Joseph into slavery?
A: Brothers

49. Q: Who are the sons of Noah?
A: Shem, Ham, and Japheth

50. Q: Who committed the first murder?
A: Cain

Questions 51-60

51. Q: Who did Esther marry?
A: Ahasuerus

52. Q: How did David prove his loyalty to King Saul?
A: He cut off part of Saul’s cloak

53. Q: Who hid treasure in their tent, causing God to punish all of Israel?
A: Achan

54. Q: How much was Judas paid for betraying Jesus?
A: 30 Silver Pieces

55. Q: Who did Lot offer to be r*ped, so that his guests would be spared?
A: His Daughters

56. Q: Which Disciple denied Jesus three times?
A: Peter

57. Q: What garden did Jesus pray in the night of his arrest?
A: Gethsemane

58. Q: What did Peter cut off a Roman soldier who was attempting to arrest Jesus?
A: Ear

59. Q: How many times was the Apostle Paul shipwrecked?
A: Three to Four

60. Q: What was Jesus’ first miracle?
A: Water to Wine

Questions 61-70

61. Q: Jesus fed the 5,000, but he multiplied food to feed a crowd once more after that. How many people did he feed the second time?
A: 4,000

62. Q: What was painted on the Israelites doorway to ward off the angel of death?
A: Lamb Blood

63. Q: What mountain did Noah’s Ark settle on?
A: Mount Ararat

64. Q: Whose tomb was used for Jesus’ burial?
A: Joseph of Arimathea

65. Q: Who did Moses kill before fleeing Egypt?
A: Taskmaster

66. Q: On what day did Jesus rise from the grave?
A: Third

67. Q: What was the name of Moses’ mother?
A: Jochebed

68. Q: Where was Jesus born?
A: Bethlehem

69. Q: How many plagues did God have to send for Pharaoh to free the Israelites?
A: 10

70. Q: What poured from Jesus’ side when he was pierced with a spear?
A: Water

Questions 71-80

71. Q: What Graven image did the Israelites make while Moses was on the mountain?
A: Golden Calf

72. Q: Who washed Jesus’ feet with perfume, using her hair?
A: Mary Magdalene

73. Q: Which Apostle was crucified upside down?
A: Peter

74. Q: How many spies did Moses send into the land of Canaan?
A: 12

75. Q: Who wrote the book of Timothy?
A: Paul

76. Q: Who hid the Israelite spies in the city of Jericho?
A: Rahab

77. Q: How many books are there in the Bible?
A: 66

78. Q: Who was tasked with rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem?
A: Nehemiah

79. Q: How many separate instances are there of Paul being arrested in the Bible?
A: 3

80. Q: What Philistine idol was found lying broken before the Ark of the Covenant?
A: Dagon

Questions 81-90

81. Q: What was Zacchaeus’ profession?
A: Tax Collector

82. Q: What King was so fat, that when he was stabbed to death, the sword disappeared into the fold of his fat?
A: Eglon

83. Q: Which Disciple touched Jesus’ crucifixion wounds as proof of his identity?
A: Thomas

84. Q: What does the Bible say swallowed Jonah?
A: Huge Fish

85. Q: What was the name of the place where Jesus was crucified?
A: Golgotha

86. Q: What kind of mystic did Samuel chastise King Saul for visiting?
A: Necromancer

87. Q: Why did Samson light 300 foxes on fire?
A: To burn down enemy crops

88. Q: Who did Jesus declare as the rock upon which he would build his church?
A: Peter

89. Q: Which queen visited Solomon with great gifts?
A: Queen of Sheba

90. Q: How did King Saul die?
A: Suicide by Sword

Questions 91-100

91. Q: What was Solomon’s solution when two women both claimed a child was theirs?
A: Offered to cut it in half

92. Q: Who restored Paul’s sight?
A: Ananias

93. Q: Who built the great temple in Israel?
A: King Solomon

94. Q: Who was Jesus’ mother?
A: Mary

95. Q: Who recognized Jesus as the Messiah when he was presented at the Temple as a baby?
A: Simeon

96. Q: Which Apostle was first to be martyred?
A: Stephen

97. Q: What doe Judas give to Jesus, so the Romans know which one to arrest?
A: Kiss

98. Q: How many seals are on the scroll in Revelation?
A: 7

99. Q: What kind of stories did Jesus used to teach?
A: Parables

100. Q: What does Jesus command his followers do in remembrance of him?
A: Communion

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