The Fate of Irnia: Secret Ending Guide

The Fate of Irnia is a 2DCG adult game developed by Winterlook. you play as a 17-year-old man whose father had been just passed away, unfortunately. here is a simple guide on how to get the secret ending in the new version 1.0.

Latest Version: 1.0 (June 13, 2022)

Language: English

OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android


How to Get Secret Ending

To get the ending, it’s actually pretty simple, all you need to do is constantly do actions that are negative to the civilian morale, like raising the taxes, telling the whole truth, e.t.c., basically just make sure your “morale_upgrade” is as low as possible.
This will result in a civilian uprising, which is where you will make a choice that will lead to either one of the two secret endings.

Credit to DankCornelius


The Fate of Irnia V1.0 Patch Note

Finished all remaining routes
Missing routes were added: Dabna Romance, Jenny MB, Ghorza Femdom and another ending I was asked a lot.
Fixed Beatrice error

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