The Forest: Crafting Guide 2022

Here is a crafting guide for beginners in 2022. enjoy the game.



Crafted Axe
(x1) Stick + (x1) Rock + (x1) Rope

(x1) Stick + (x1) Cloth + (x1) Electrical Tape

Crafted Bow
(x1) Stick + (x1) Cloth + (x1) Rope

Crafted Club
(x1) Stick + (x1) Skull

Upgraded Stick
(x1) Stick + (x1) Cloth

Upgraded Rock
(x1) Rock + (x1) Cloth

Weak Spear
(x2) Stick

Upgraded Spear
(x1) Weak Spear + (x2) Cloth+ (x3) Bone

Incendiary Spear
(x1) Upgraded Spear + (x1) Cloth + (x1) Booze

Flintlock Pistol
(x8) Gun Parts


Regular Arrows
(x1) Stick + (x5) Feathers

Bone Arrows
(x1) Stick + (5x) Feathers + (x5) Bones

Poisoned Arrows
(x5) Arrows + (x1) Mushroom or (x4) Poison Berries

Fire Arrows
(x5) Arrows + (x1) Cloth + (x1) Booze


Molotov Cocktails
(x1) Cloth + (x1) Booze

(x1) Circuit + (x1) Electric Tape + (x1) Booze + (x1) Coins + (x1) Wrist Watch

Sticky Bomb
(x1) Bomb + (x1) Tree-Sap

Head Explosive
(x1) Bomb + (x1) Head

Sticky Bomb
(x1 Bomb) + (x1 Tree-Sap)


Water Bag
(x) Deer Skin + (x1) Rope

Small Food Bag
(x2) Rabbit Fur

Stick Bag
(x1) Rabbit Fur + (x2) Rope + (x3) Cloth

Rock Bag
(x1) Boar Skin + (x3) Rope + (x1) Cloth

Small Rock Bag
(x1) Rabbit Fur + (x1) Rope

Arrow Quiver
(x3) Rabbit Fur + (x1) Rope

Spear Bag
(2) Boar Skin + (2) Deer Skin + (2) Cloth + (3) Rope

Repair Tool
(2) Sticks + (1) Rock + (2) Cloth + (10) Tree-Sap

Snow Shoes
(5) Sticks + (2) Rope


(x1) Aloe + (x1) Marigold + (x1) Cone-Flower

Plant Medicine
(x1) Aloe + (x1) Marigold


Lizard Skin Armor
(x1) Lizard Skin

Stealth Armor
(x1) Lizard Skin + (x15) Leaves

Bone Armor
(x6) Bones + (x3) Cloth

Creepy Armor
(x1) Mutant Flesh

Rabbit Fur Boots
(x2) Rabbit Fur + (x2) Rope

Warm Coat
(x1) Raccoon Skin + (x4) Boar Skin + (x6) Deer Skin + (x1) Rabbit Fur + (x2) Cloth + (x2) Rope

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine
(x1) Aloe + (x1) Marigold

Herbal Medicine +
(x1) Aloe + (x1) Marigold + (x1) Cone-Flower

Energy Mix
(x1) Chicory + (x1) Cone Flower

Energy Mix +
(x1) Chicory + (x1) Cone Flower + (x1) Aloe

Weapon Upgrades

Speed Upgrade
(x1) Feather + (x1) Tree-Sap) + (x1) Weapon (Any)

Damage Upgrade
(x1) Teeth + (x1) Tree-Sap) + (x1) Weapon (Any)

Damage+ Upgrade
(x1) Booze + (x1) Tree-Sap) + (x1) Weapon (Any)

Poison Upgrade
(x1) Any poisonous plant + (x1) Tree-Sap) + (x1) Weapon (Any)

Fire Upgrade
(x1) Cloth) + (x1) Weapon (Any)

[NOTE] In order to put your weapon on fire, you must place the cloth on it, and after that you’ll be able to light it.
The Fire Upgrade is a temporary upgrade that will vanish after a few strikes

Flashlight Upgrade
(x1) Flashlight + (x1) Electrical Tape

This upgrade has only 4 available weapons, which are:

1.The Chainsaw
2.The Crafted Bow
3.The Flint Lock Pistol
4.The Modern Bow

Once the flashlight is attached, it cannot be removed. The flashlight batteries will of course drain.

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