The Forest: Unique Items Guide (Katanas, Chainsaws, etc.)

This guide contains all the information you need to find unique items (katanas, chainsaws, etc.). Images are taken from the internet



Most of the unique items can be found in caves. Below is a map of all the caves in The Forest.

  • Pink marks entrances that can be reached on foot
  • Green marks the caves, which may require a climbing axe to enter (mostly you need to use a climbing rope)
  • Blue – caves, which require a rebreather to pass

    To make it easier to find the right caves, I have indicated the coordinates of their entrances. To see your coordinates in the game, you need to type developermodeon on the keyboard in the main menu (no need to open anything). This command turns on the console and allows you to see your XYZ coordinates by pressing F2.


Katana in the game
Katana is in the 1st cave, entrance coordinates are (XY coordinates 93, 650)
Entrance to the cave
Map of the cave. The marker shows the location where the katana should be.

Katana will be stuck in the body.

UPD: You can also find a flashlight in the 1st cave.


Chainsaw in the game
The chainsaw is in the 3rd cave (-864, -22)
Entrance to the cave

Modern Axe

Modern axe in the game
The axe is in the 2nd cave (-166, 1008)
Entrance to the cave

Modern Bow

The bow is in the 7th cave (495, -656)

Climbing Axe

Climbing axe in the game:
The climbing axe is in the 9th cave (-515, -170)
Entrance to the cave


Rebreather is in the 5th cave (618, 937)
Entrance to the cave

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