The Forgotten City: Cheats and Console Commands

Console commands and cheats for The Forgotten City.

Notes: Console Commands don’t seem to disable achievements.



Disclaimer: All these commands have been found from personal trial and error and searching for other Unreal Engine 4 games and the commands they use.

Disclaimer: There are (minor) item spoilers in the command list and using commands may ruin your story experience. I recommend only using these if you are stuck or after finishing the game to mess around.

Disclaimer: Because this list was made from personal trial and error, and I have no insight in how objects are called in the game files, this list is very much incomplete. You may find more by trial and error yourself.

Entering the console

By default you can open the command console with


However, this depends on your region and may be set to a variety of different keys, including @ or ö.

Also even when set to it’s default ` the key might not work.

  • To get the console up without finding out what the key is and make it working if it doesn’t;

    Go into the settings menu of the game, go to bindings and set the Game Console key to something simple like ‘k’ or ‘/’ or whatever key you want.

  • Then press that key ingame to bring up the console window, press it again to toggle the full console window history, and a third time to close the console window.



Makes you fly and phase through objects (toggle on / off)
Makes you fly and phase through objects (toggle on / off)
Set gamespeed # (1 = default 0.5 = slow motion 9 = very fast)
(Impacts both your own movement speed and the ingame world)
slomo 5
Immortal (has to be re-enabled after every new cycle)
Gives you the default flashlight
give flashlight
Gives you a bow
give bow
Gives you the golden bow
give bow_gold
Gives 5 arrows. Replace 5 with any number
give bow_arrow 5
Gives 5 bullets. Replace 5 with any number
give ammo 5
Gives 5 Denarii (coins). Replace 5 with any number
give coin 5

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