The Haunted Hells Reach: Cheat Guide (Save Editing & Console Commands)

Console commands and cheats for The Haunted: Hell’s Reach



Disclaimer: All these commands have been found from personal trial and error. I wrote this guide late at night and there might be typo’s or inaccuracies.

Disclaimer: There are (minor) item spoilers in the command list and using commands may ruin your natural discovery experience. I recommend only using these cheats after you have already seen all the weapons through natural gameplay and beaten some levels.

Using these cheats undermines the Developer’s vision, and removes all challenge and discovery. Use at your own discretion, it may hurt your longevity with the game.

Disclaimer: Achievements seem to be disabled when using some or all of these cheats, I haven’t rigorously tested this but it appears to be disabled. To revert your game back to vanilla, make sure you disable and revert cheats and edits again in the config files or replace the edited files with backed up originals.

Disclaimer: All these cheats have only been tested in single player. I have no idea if they work in multiplayer. If they do, please be mindful of the experience of other people and don’t ruin the game for others.

Disclaimer: Because this list was made from personal trial and error, and I have no insight in how all objects are called in the game files, this list is very much incomplete. Very simple or less useful cheats and edits have been left out and can easily be discovered by messing with the config files and console. You may find much more by trial and error yourself.

Disclaimer: These cheats are confirmed working as of the writing of this guide. I have no plans to keep checking the game every update to see if they still work or not. I cannot guarantee working commands after this moment of writing. This guide may become outdated and the cheats may no longer work in the future.

Two types of cheats

There are two ways of cheating in THHR without external software. ini edits and console commands.

ini edits are manual edits made to the game’s configuration files before loading up the game.

console commands are cheats typed during the game.

ini edits

To use ini edits open file explorer on your pc and go to

C:\Users\yourpcname\Documents\My Games\the-haunted-hells-reach\UDKGame\Config

Where C is your harddrive and yourpcname is well, the name of your pc / user.

You will see a folder with a bunch of ini files.
It is recommended to make a copy of the original files before editing them so you have a backup for reference.

You can open the ini files with a text editor, for example notepad and change the values around before saving the file over the original with CTRL+S

You can edit a TON of things in these files. A few useful examples:

Weapon upgrade XP cheat: Open UDKWeapon and change XPMulti to a higher value to increase the weapon XP you gain for each kill for that weapon. For example, if you set XPMulti to 99 for the basic starting knife, every knife kill will drop a weapon tier upgrade.

Remove bats from the game: Open UDKGame and look for BatSpawnDelay and set it to a very high number (9999 or so) to disable the bats that attack you when the AI cannot reach you.

Console Commands

Now here is the meat of this guide.

To enable cheats, go to

C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\the-haunted-hells-reach\UDKGame\Config

(Where C is your harddrive and username is your pc / user)

and open up UDKGame using a text editor like notepad. Make a backup of the original just in case.

now press CTRL+F to search and look for bEnableCheats=False and change this to bEnableCheats=True

then save the file with CTRL+S and close it. Now you are ready to launch the game.

While ingame, open up the console using either ` or TAB or T

This is where you will type in the commands below, confirm with enter.

These cheats will only persist through the end of the round / level, once you change map or close the game you will have to re-enter them to get the effect again.

Immortal (has to be re-enabled after every new map change)
Gives you max ammo for all weapons including last used grenades
Makes you fly and phase through terrain, use space to fly up ctrl for down
Disables the ghost command and reverts back to normal
Change your movement speed, replace # with a number (i.e. 9 = very fast
SetSpeed #
Change jump gravity for you and the monsters, replace # with a number. I’m not sure what the default value is, and if you fly to the map ceiling the game may crash. To disable, change map
setgravity #
Restart the level
Load different map (can change th-temple to other map names like th-canyon
open th-temple
Gives you the weapon you want. use command followed by a space and then the weapon ID. For example, giveweapon HauntedGame.TH_Weapon_Machinegun

Weapon spawn commands

These are the weapon ID’s to be used with the giveweapon command.

Note that weapons will spawn on a new hotkey, and not replace the starting weapons. Sometimes they will spawn on key 4, sometimes a different one and sometimes you need to mouse scroll to equip them.

If you add multiple of the same weapon type, the game can get a bit confused and use the wrong weapon model / behavior. This can fix itself by switching away to a different weapon type and back.


Default handgun
Burst pistol
Magnum revolver
Dual default handgun
Dual burst pistol
Dual magnum revolver


Default shotgun
Sawn off Shotgun
Lever action Shotgun
Riot shotgun
Akimbo Shotguns
Flame Shotgun


Default UMP
Commando Rifle
Heavy Assault Rifle
Akimbo Uzi

Special Weapons

Special weapon Explosive Bow
Spacial weapon Flamethrower
Spacial weapon Freezer
Special weapon Grenade Launcher
Special weapon Sniper Rifle
Special weapon AT4 Anti Tank


I only found the dynamite spawn name so far, you can for sure find the object names for the other types of throwables to spawn them in but I didn’t have the time to look.


Melee Weapons

I couldn’t get these to work, you do hear the inventory add click but the knife doesn’t switch out to the new weapon. Probably because added weapons don’t replace the starting weapons but get added seperately, but melee weapons don’t have hotkeys by default. You might be able to get this working by messing around with hotkeys. Here are the object names at least:

Default Knife
Throwing Glaive

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