The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky SC: All 16 Data Crystals Decrypted

This is the transcript of all 16 data crystals found from the 4 towers you wind up climbing once they’ve changed to an alternate dimension. I’ve recorded this both for myself and for anyone that happened to miss any. If you already have them and are wondering WHEN they unlock….SPOILERS:

In the final chapter, when you land on the floating island, as you unlock each new area (aka unlock each monorail terminal, of which there’s 4) 4 chunks of data crystals will be activated at a time. So basically by the time you’ve rescued everyone from the ship and are told to return to the Arseille to consult with Julia, all crystals will be unlocked. But you can read chunks of 4 at a time as you unlock each section if you feel like doing it that way.


Concerning the Seal Mechanism [0-3]

Data Crystal 0

My name is Celeste D. Auslese. I am the designer of the Seal Mechanism, and the woman ultimately responsible for the sealing of the Aureole. I have decided to leave behind a series of records for the world to come in case the second seal is activated and the Aureole, which we sealed in another dimension, should threaten to return. If you who read this message seek to prevent the Aureole’s return, I pray this information will aid you. However, if you seek to restore the Aureole, I beg you, reconsider. The Aureole’s power is too great for we Children of Man to wield. When we used it, it connected us to the darkest Gehenna.

Data Crystal 1

The purpose of the seals is to prevent any contact between the Aureole and humanity, thus ensuring humanity’s survival. I feel the need to clarify: the Aureole, itself, does not wish to control or harm humanity. The disaster that visited us was our fault alone. Do not doubt the mercy of our great Goddess in giving this gift to us. It is we who are unequal to such a gift.

Data Crystal 2

In truth, the construction and implementation of the seal goes directly against the will of the people and our democratic ideals. Even among our group, some believed we should try to find a way to use the Aureole’s power effectively. However, once it obtained autonomy, the Aureole began to change our society and our lives drastically. it did not just concern itself with our physical well-being; it considered our mental well-being to be a top priority as well.

Data Crystal 3

To provide an example: the Aureole facilitated the creation of virtual realities intended to induce euphoria in participants. It even altered brain chemistry to achieve this. It was no different than taking a powerful euphoric stimulant and hallucinogen at the same time. Worse still, there were no side effects. No physical ones, at least. Such ‘boons’ have brought humanity’s very continued existence into question. The effects already begin to tell upon our citizenry, and we have precious little time left to us. As a result, we few have overcome our differences to undertake the sealing, all too aware of the many difficulties we are likely to face in the process.

Lakeside Underground Facility [4-7]

Data Crystal 4

In order to make the Seal Mechanism into a reality, we needed both enormous amounts of energy and massive facilities. We, to source the energy, first thought of using the Aureole itself. The Aureole responds to people’s wishes and gives its boon–in other words, by ‘wishing’ we thought that perhaps we could pull the needed amount of energy from the Aureole. However, that did not come to pass. Shortly after the Aureole gained autonomy, it turned to simply one-sidedly bestowing its gifts regardless of the wishes of the people.

Data Crystal 5

We could not use the power of the Aureole. Casting our eyes beyond the city, we began to consider using the energy sleeping in the septium veins that rest deep beneath the earth, and eventually resolved to build atop those. However, we were already under the watch of the Aureole. *It seems the Aureole had come to the conclusion that its first priority was the continuation of the city, and therefore the elimination of all potential obstacles to that*. So, to deceive the Aureole, we proceeded with the construction of these buildings under the guise of monitoring the septium veins.

Data Crystal 6

The facility was built roughly 500 arge beneath the earth on the eastern side of Valleria Lake. According to our investigations, this was the location where the septium veins gathered most efficiently. The land beneath the city was a sprawling primal forest. As it was untouched by human activity, building on top of it proved remarkably easy. We, while avoiding the attention of the Aureole, collected all the technology we had, and hurried to complete the underground facility.

Data Crystal 7

7: While the construction of the underground facility was underway, we built additional structures on the fringes of the surface. The Ahnenburg, whose inner wall points ever towards the Aureole, and the four device towers that surround the Aureole. Each system of structures possessed a critical role in the plan and were as vital to the Seal Mechanism as the underground facility.

About the Aureole’s Seal [8-11]

Data Crystal 8

When we were closing in on completing the underground facility, unbeknownst to us, our seal plan was discovered by the Aureole. One of our comrades fell victim to the sweet seduction of the Aureole’s euphoric simulations, and he was lost to us. However, the silver lining in this disaster was that this comrade was not aware of the full scale of the plan. With the information it gleaned from his mind, the Aureole focused entirely on the underground facility by the lakeside, and it paid no attention to the Ahnenburg or the device towers.

Data Crystal 9

The Aureole, having learned of our plan, took to force. The Aureole manifested Reveries as its defenders, and set them upon us in the facility. However, we were saved by our decision to build the facility underground. Just one single channel connected the facility to the surface. The Reveries’ attacks could not reach down 500 arge beneath the surface. The attacks by the Reveries went on and on, day and night without pause. Eventually our defensive line began to reach its limits.

Data Crystal 10

While under attack by the Reveries we were able to finish the facility, but it took time to secure the necessary energy. During the process, it seems we got careless, and a single Reveries broke into the facility proper. Once inside, stopping it was difficult. The Reverie reached the deepest sections in an instant. We were just a hair’s breadth from total disaster when the full power for the sealing operation was finally gathered. Just as the Reverie set upon us, we activated the first barrier.

Data Crystal 11

The light fired from the facility, reflected off the inner wall of the Ahnenburg, caught the Aureole floating in the sky. In that moment, the Aureole disappeared from us, and the Reveries stopped entirely. Through this, we knew that the first barrier was successful. The Aureole is, of the Sept-Terrions, the treasure governing the power of space. What was needed to nullify the Aureole, which held absolute dominion over space itself, was to utterly sever its connections to space, and indeed even to time itself. The Seal Mechanism, born of our hard work, had sent the Aureole, along with the entire city, into another dimension, and successfully temporally froze it.

About the Device Towers [12-15]

Data Crystal 12

The first barrier had activated successfully, and we had succeeded in performing a temporal freeze upon the Aureole in another dimension. However, that was not the only barrier within the plan to seal the Aureole. The plan’s final defense line, the second barrier. –The key to that lies within the four device towers.

Data Crystal 13

This mechanism is built to activate should the first barrier fall and time once again tick in the space of the Aureole. The second barrier’s other name is the Gravity Barrier, and it can manifest gravity inside the other dimension. Should the Aureole resume activity, by tying this other dimension down with lynchpins of gravity, the goal was to prevent its return to reality.

Data Crystal 14

If the second barrier activates, it signals that the Aureole is once again active. As a result, with its Gospels, anyone will be free to draw out its power. The Gospels remaining on Liber Ark were sealed with the Aureole. However, should something that could serve in place of the Gospels be born in the world to come, the Aureole will be free to wield its power in reality again.

Data Crystal 15

We succeeded in sealing the Aureole, but its power has not been destroyed. We will root ourselves to this land and watch over the Aureole. I pray that we will be successful in our vigil and that these records are never seen by any eyes. However, while we are steadfast in our duty, we predict that such will not be our future. When the Aureole once again returns to reality, how will our descendants choose to respond? Believing that we will not make the same mistake again, and the time will come when we are truly free of the Aureole, I leave these records for the future.

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