The Long Drive: All Radio Stations

This guide will inform you of every radio station’s frequency and content.


The Long Drive All Radio Stations

Non English stations will not be given much detail as i cant understand them

FM 88.8 A Hungarian talk radio station.

FM 89.2 A never ending stream of instrumental music with no host

FM 90.4 A never ending stream of classical music with no host

FM 91.3 A never ending stream of electronic with no host

FM 93.0 A Foreign rock radio station.

FM 94.1 Steel Pants Radio, a English speaking rock radio station hosted by Shane

FM 95.0 Chat Till You Die, a talk show hosted by Jason where topical issues in the post apocalyptic wasteland are discussed.

FM 96.6 Angry Greg Radio, a talk show hosted by Greg who expresses his hate for everything.

FM 97.5 Radio Übermensch. German talk radio station.

FM 98.4 Neon Synth Radio, a Synth-wave radio station hosted by Shane. (Not the same Shane as the one from Steel pants radio.)

FM 99.2 Where your custom radio is found. Emits silence with no static if you have no custom radio

FM 100.5 Poem Chill Radio, a radio station hosted by a unnamed individual where poems are recited

FM 105.0 Spanish CB (citizens band) frequency. A unintelligible conversation between 2 individuals with lots of static and interference.

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