The Long Drive: How to Duplicate a Liquid or Fuel

This guide will help you duplicate any liquid in The Long Drive. Keep in mind this process is slow, but it is simple and effective.


How to Duplicate a Liquid/Fuel
Materials you need:
1. a bucket
2. an empty container (e.g. jerrycan)
3. liquid or fuel

Steps To Duplicate:
1. get any liquid you want to duplicate (e.g. gasoline)
2. place 0.1 L of the liquid into the container (you can go up to 0.5 L but not higher)
3. transfer that amount to the bucket
4. repeat the process

1. if you use two buckets the process will not work.
2. you can take 0.1 L back from the bucket to the jerrycan to repeat the process
3. the process works up to 0.5 L of liquid. I recommend to stick to 0.1 L for more efficiency. If you go any higher than 0.5 L the duplication will not work.

It seems that the buckets in The Long Drive do not display liquid amount that is lower than 0.6 L. Due to this reason, you can place very small amount of any liquid (e.g. 0.1 L of gasoline) into the bucket and it will read it as 0.6 L. This is how the duplication works, turning 0.1 L of liquid into 0.6 L.

This is a great way to get fuel when needed (such as Diesel that is not easy to get)

By Rever

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