The Planet Crafter: All 11 Golden Chests Location

The location of the eleven (11) Golden Chests with both coordinates and pictures showing where they are.



Golden Chests are secret hidden gold coloured chests that each contain a novelty gold statuette, and some end game resources, typically Aluminium and Super Alloy in the chests near the starter area. Meanwhile the chests further afield contain the much coveted “Rods of Power” which in the case of the green ones is a lot more literal than you might yet realise.

The Western Ridge First Chest (1)

This chest is located on the Western Ridge within the Lake-bed starting area, it can’t be spotted from down below from a distance, as the ridge is curved up, and chests sits in a shallow pocket.

Coordinates: 263:28:478

The Shipwreck Second Chest (2)

This chest is located north-west of the Lake-bed starter area, atop the wrecked oracle class freighter which can be accessed via the sand dune to the right of the open cargo bay doors.

coordinates: 276:167:1018

The Iridium Caves Third Chest (3)

Located deep within the Iridium Caves, on the second level, behind some rocks, which is best accessed via jumping down from the third level.

coordinates: 832:50:1208

The Ridge Labyrinth Fourth Chest (4)

Located in a dead end nook at the back of the Ridge Labyrinth near the downed Satellite Station. If the Labyrinth proves too difficult to navigate, you can gain easy access via the back by south-east around the Ridge Labyrinth.

coordinates: 1510:9:665

The Moat Fifth Chest (5)

This one can be a little hard to find early on, of course once the lakes have formed it sticks out like a soar thumb.

Coordinates: 938:24:324

The Aluminium Hills Sixth Chest (6)

Located in an oval nook on the south-eastern side of the Aluminium Hills. Just walk around the southern edge, and you’ll find it sure enough.

Coordinates: 1076:23:-16

The Cracked Spires Seventh Chest (7)

The Cracked Spires is a dismal location with reduced visibility. It can be accessed by going west of the Lake-bed starter area, or north-westward from the Aluminium Hills.

It’s hidden in the back corner just right and back a bit from of the rightmost shipping container, or alternatively you can go left of the mine entrance and follow cliff face until you hit the corner then turn round, and it’s there.

Coordinates: 402:4:-267

The Great Stormwall Eighth Chest (8)
Located within a tiny rock cave near the south-west entrance, the cave at first seems empty, but keep pushing through and you’ll find it hidden behind a rock.

Cave Entrance Coordinates: 519:73:1551

Chest Coordinates: 473:65:1567

The Canyon Floor Ninth Chest (9)
Located on the Canyon floors back wall, just behind a toppled rock pillar which can be observed from the crashed fighter remnant wreck.

Chest Coordinates: 2158:3:240

The Northernmost Biome Tenth Chest (10)

Chest Coordinates: 1749:0:1994

The Southermost Biome Eleventh Chest (11)

Chest Coordinates: 922:95:-779

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