The Surge 2: How to Transfer Save File from Game Pass to Steam

Quick and easy way to transfer save files from the Game Pass version (Xbox & EA Play) to the Steam version so you can keep all your progress and achievements.


Game Pass to Steam

First you will need to start a new game in an empty slot and get to the point where you wake up in the hospital bed.

Once you’ve done this, the game will autosave and you can close the game.

Then you need to find the save locations and files:

Save File location for the Game Pass Version (Xbox-Win10)

  • %USERPROFILE% \ Documents \The Surge 2\save\
  • The file will be called autosave0.
Save File location for the Steam Version

  • <Steam-folder> \userdata\ <steam-user-id> \644830\remote\

Copy the autosave0 file from the Game Pass version into this folder and overwrite when prompted. If there is a file called backupsave0 in the steam folder- delete it.

Open up the game and your old save file will now be there and any achievements you had on the old save will pop up in steam.

NOTE: if you want to transfer your save to the second save file slot in game, you have to start a new game in the empty slot, quit once in the hospital and rename your old save file to autosave1 and then copy and overwrite it into the Steam save file location.

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