The Tenants: How to Get All Achievements

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in The Tenants.


And So It Begins
Complete the First Job

Treasure Hunter
Add a Unique Item to Storage

Well, Scratch that
Use the Reset Feature During a Renovation Job

Buy the Anime Life-Size Figure

Buy more than 15 Plants in a Single Apartment

Use more than 15 Decorations in a Single Apartment

Complete 10 Renovation Jobs

Complete 10 Babysitting Jobs

Complete 10 Open House Jobs

Complete 10 5-Star Jobs

Master Realtor
Complete 50 Open House Jobs

Master Babysitter
Complete 50 Babysitting Jobs

Master Realtor
Complete 50 Open House Jobs

Master Agent
Complete 50 5-Star Jobs

Expert Renovator
Complete 100 Renovation Jobs

Expert Babysitter
Complete 100 Babysitting Jobs

Expert Realtor
Complete 100 Open House Jobs

Expert Agent
Complete 100 5-Star Jobs

Special Jobs
Complete a job that Features Designing a Garden Room

Kitchen Hell
Complete the Restaurant Job

Complete the Library Renovation Job

Uncle Steve
Gotta Start Somewhere
Complete 10 Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning Service
Complete 50 Cleaning Jobs

Mr Clean
Complete 100 Cleaning Jobs

Kill it with Gas
Solve the cockroach invasion by sending Uncle Steve

Rat Race
Solve the Rat Plague by sending Uncle Steve

Home, Sweet Home
Clean and Renovate your Aunt’s Old Apartment

Lured In
Sign In your First Tenant

What’s that Smell
Sign In an Alcoholic Tenant

Run, Forrest, Run
Sign In an Athelete Tenant

A Real Landlord
Solve your First Tenant Issue

Petty Bickering
Intervene in a Roommate Dispute

I’ve had Enough
Terminate a Rental Agreement

The Aftershock (Hidden)
Survive Through an Earthquake

TGIF (Hidden)
Survive through a House Party

Better Safe than Sorry (Hidden)
Install Additional Secuirity after a Burglary

I am the One who Knocks (Hidden)
Take a Bribe from a Drug Manufacturing Tenant

How Sweet (Hidden)
Advise a Tenant to watch the Kraken Twins Documentary during their Big Date Night

Landlord’s Dream
Bought 1 Apartment

Another One
Buy 3 Apartments

House 2 Tenants in a Single Apartment

The More the Merrier
House 3 Tenants in a Single Apartment

Rental Bonanza
House 5 Tenants in a Single Apartment

Double Digits
Buy 10 Apartments

Wondersville Magnate
Buy 30 Apartments

I’m on a Boat
Buy the Boathouse

Colombian Prince
Buy the Slums Mansion

Reach the Second District

Face of Streaming
Sign In an Influencer Tenant

Hold that Brush
Sign In an Artist Tenant

The Suburban Dream
Buy the First Standalone House

Kids Next Door
Buy the Tree House

Big Apple
Reach the Third District

Achievement Hunter
Unlock all Achievements

Passive Income
Reach $10,000 Cash Flow

Still Kind of Poor
Earn $10,000 (Total)

What is Taxes Sir
Reach $50,000 Cash Flow

Well Off
Earn $50,000 (Total)

Reach $100,000 Cash Flow

Earn $100,000 (Total)

Filthy Rich
Earn $500,000 (Total)

Earn $1,000,000 (Total)

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