Theseus Journey to Athens: Mini Combat Guide

Getting started with the combat.


The Basics

This is a rough guide for starters.

You have three stats that seem to have direct influence on the fights.
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution.

Unlike in other games you don’t start with some points you can put into one specific stat, instead you start with 0 and earn predetermined stat increases by completing quests.

Strength influence how hard you hit.
Dexterity helps to avoid hits.
Constitution directly influences your life points.

Your companions don’t advance with you and can be easily killed oftentimes but it’s not a problem, they are resurrected and help you in the next battle.

If you fight alone the best strategy for me was to hit the opponent, and go back one tile and avoiding to get surrounded by to many foes.

Getting the first Stat Increases

If you plan on getting into a couple of fights (or experience as much side-content as possible) it’s advisable to start your fighting career early and do as much quests as possible in the first town.

Three ways to get your first stat increases easily:
– Kill the jeweler daughter to get +1 Strength
– Kill the rats at the field of the old farmer to get +1 Constitution.
– Go for a dance to get +1 Constitution.

To kill the jeweler daughter, you go to your mother, ask her if you can do something for her, get the gold for the necklace, go up, speak to the jeweler daughter, force her to give you the necklace and then kill her to eliminate any witness.

To kill the rats, go up one picture, go right, go down, speak to the old man.

Both fights are easy and these stat points will help you with the harder fights in the first town.

You can also go to Ardalos (he’s left from the jeweler house), talk to him and either watch his flute spectacle or break his flute. The first will give you +1 Constitution (in the text it’s endurance but that’s an error) and the latter will give you +1 Dexterity and anger him. If you want to have him as a companion later, don’t break his flute.

With these stat increases the following fights should be a lot easier.

Getting Companions

There are four companions you can get in the game and you can have all of them at the same time.
– Connidas (your teacher)
– Boutes (thug)
– Ardalos (flute guy)
– Perigune (waifu)

They help greatly in fights.

How to get them?


Speak with your teacher and go for the hunt. Save him and he will help you.

He can fight with his bow from a distance which makes him extremely useful.


Kill the jeweler daughter and meet him in the next town. He can help you with the baker and you can decide that he accompanies you the rest of the way.

He’s relatively weak and I didn’t find him very useful.


Don’t anger him and go for a dance in the first town, meet him in the second and agree that he helps you.


Kill her father who’s placing traps everywhere and give her the necklace. She will follow you. She is very useful since she can make area damage and heal you.

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