This War of Mine: Fading Embers Achievement Guide

A more in-depth achievement guide for completing the Fading Embers scenario. Includes spoilers.


This War of Mine Fading Embers Achievement Guide

Story achievements

Note: The truck is ready
We finally managed to repair the truck. Now we can move our heritage to safety.
Story-related. You can start repairing the truck from day 15, the achievement will pop up once you repair the engine and refuel it.

Note: The Colonel
We gave the painting to Colonel Markov. Our heritage should be safe now.
Bring the painting Markov asked for to the Military Outpost. Triggers Markov’s ending.

Note: The Fence
We gave the case files to Taras the fence. Our heritage should be safe now.
After Taras visits the museum a few times, he will ask you to bring the files to the Construction Site. Bring him the files to get the achievement and trigger Taras’ ending.

Diary: Innocent children
They had only their adoptive father – Adam. Now they have a glimmer of hope to survive this war.
This achievement requires you to complete a series of requests, and also triggers the Innocent children ending.

  • Meet a boy while scavenging at the Supermarket. The boy will tell you about the Orphanage.
  • Bring 10 fuel to the Orphanage.
  • Bring an item from the museum storage to Lika, then talk to Adam to unlock the next task and the Railroad Station location.
    Alternatively, you can skip bringing Lika the books, and around day 18 Adam will visit the museum to ask for help and tell about the Railroad Station. (If you took the books to Lika, the books’ owner will visit instead.)
  • Go to the Railroad Station, then bring the man the item he asks for.

Epilogue: All the way
Complete the game with all the alternate endings.
This achievement requires you to see the epilogue at least four times to see all four endings. The Fence and the Colonel are mutually exclusive.

  • Complete the Fence and do not complete the Innocent children.
  • Complete the Colonel and do not complete the Innocent children.
  • Complete both the Fence and the Innocent children.
  • Complete both the Colonel and the Innocent children.

To easily see them all it is helpful to have a save backup on day 19 or 20 before completing any of the three ending events. The save files are storiessavedgames, storiessavedgames.alt in \Steam\userdata\<your Steam id>\282070\remote folder.

Other missable achievements

Diary: Good Neighbor
The winter was severe. I knew Tito used to help my father frequently. I decided to help him too.
Help Tito at the Neighbor’s house by bringing him 6 fuel and 1 raw food. Both can be done on the same night. Can be obtained on the first night if you burn something from your collection. (If you wait too long without bringing Tito fuel, he will die.)

Diary: My dear Ruben
We faced the harsh winter together and made it to the Museum, our new shelter.
On day 5 Milena drops by to bring meds and some food, and the option to change shelter appears the same night. For the achievement Ruben has to survive the move, so do not move shelters before Ruben is feeling well enough to move around (on day 7 if you give him meds every day and keep the shelter warm enough).

Diary: Fool the Crow
We acquired the truck parts without giving up Anja’s necklace.
While repairing the truck, talk to Crow at the Car Workshop, and he will ask you to bring him Anja’s necklace. Do not leave just yet, wait for him to go outside to smoke and talk to him again. Once he returns to his room, sabotage his car by taking out its part, and go to speak to him again. You will have the opportunity to steal the engine parts when he leaves the room.

Note: Fortify
Our place was damaged in the bombing. We decided to reinforce all the pillars to buy us as much time as we can.
Reinforce every pillar in the museum. There is a total of 8 pillars to reinforce, each takes 5 Components and 3 Wood.

Diary: The Custodian
Milena’s wish came true. We saved it all – our precious heritage.
Secure every item: the items at Anja’s house, Tito’s records, two items at the Samuel Institute, and everything in the museum. For the achievement you only need to put them into the museum storage, you can burn the items right after securing them. The detailed list of items can be found in a separate section below.

Diary: The Janitor
Zoran’s destiny is fulfilled. We didn’t burn any of our legacy.
Requires you to secure every item and not to burn a single one of them.

Note: Burn’em all
Some people just want to watch the world burn.
Burn a total of 30 items. They do not have to be significant. For the achievement you only need to turn the items into fuel, no need to actually burn that fuel.

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