This War of Mine: Fading Embers Tips

Here are some tips for completing the Fading Embers scenario. Includes spoilers.


This War of Mine Fading Embers Tips

You start out as Anja as your only playable character. She has 11 backpack slots for scavenging. You will be able to move to a new shelter (the museum) after day 5.

Starting out
  • Do not waste materials on building in the first shelter, a bed and a crude stove should be enough.
  • When scavenging, take only food and the materials for building and fuel. You will be able to bring only 16 backpack slots worth of items with you when you move, the remaining items will be lost.
  • Grow vegetables in the shed on the first day.
  • Eat canned food to save fuel when you can, especially if aiming for The Janitor achievement.
  • You will not be able to go out and scavenge on the third night, so plan accordingly.
  • You can visit the neighbor’s house on the first night to learn about the Samuel Institute to go there on the second night. The Institute has canned food. (You can safely leave the museum items in the Institute to grab them on a later visit.)
  • You can help Tito on the first night by bringing 6 fuel and 1 raw meat to him to get some components and a sawblade.
  • Franko will visit on day 4. You can get three fuel from him. If he offers no fuel, exit to the main menu and restart the day to refresh his inventory.
  • Milena will come on day 5 with meds for Ruben and a can of food.
  • You will have the option to move starting from night 5. Ruben will not survive the move that early, so give him meds and keep the heat up for a few days so he can recover. It is safe to move once he is up and no longer bedridden.
  • Make sure to grab the items from Ruben’s bag and behind two piles of rubble in the shed before moving for The Custodian achievement.
  • You can let Ruben die, but securing the artworks and managing the shelter is easier if he survives.
Location tips
  • You don’t have to help Tito to get his vinyl records. You can grab them from his house later even if he dies.
  • Crowbar is generally useful as a scavenging tool in the scenario. Shovel is optional and can only be used in the Orphanage and the Abandoned House.
  • The Construction Site has a thermo regulator in the basement near the entrance for upgrading your heater early. Reqiures a sawblade.
  • To access the Orphanage, talk to the kid in the Supermarket.
  • The Petrol Station (available starting around day 15) has a hatchet in one of the piles on the right. Bring it to the Orphanage or Abandoned House to chop wooden objects there for fuel.
  • Railroad Station is only available after you bring the books to Lika or around day 18 when Adam visits the museum to ask for help. Bring a sawblade if you want to scavenge.
  • Military Warehouse is unlocked late game. Bring two sawblades and a lockpick if you want to loot.
Achievement tips
  • Clear the top floor of the museum early.
  • Do not burn or give any items away when aiming for The Janitor achievement, except the documents for Taras or painting for Markov required to get one of the two “good” endings. Trick the crow and skip bringing the book to Lika just in case.
  • Avoid burning significant items for Burn’em all achievement not to lock yourself out of any endings. There are 41 items in the game so plenty of non-significant items to burn.
  • Zoran will refuse to burn collection items, only Anja or Ruben can do it.
  • Ruben leaves the next day after you bring the book to the Railroad Station for the Innocent children ending and achievement, so plan accordingly.
  • While it is possible to secure all items without reinforcing most pillars if you’re fast enough, all eight pillars have to be reinforced for the Fortify achievement. Each pillar requires 5 Components and 3 Wood.

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