Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Best Audio Settings 2022

This guide is going to show you the best audio settings for R6 and Music.


In-Game Settings

I researched a lot and I figured out that what is the best in-game audio settings.

Main Volume Sliders

The 3 main volume sliders are: Master, Music and Dialog Volume

  • Master Volume – You must need to put this on the max [100%], there’s no need to tell more
  • Music Volume – The music is annoying, it’s a preference but I would suggest the lowest [0%]
  • Dialog Volume – You need to put this at the middle [50%], if it is on the max then you will not be able to hear anything when the defuser is planted or hostage is being rescued because of the dialog… If it is on the middle you will hear the dialog and the game itself perfectly.
Dynamic Range

So there’s 3 options at the dynamic range: Hi-Fi, TV, Night Mode
I hardly suggest you to use Night mode!

  • Hi-Fi – Loud gunshots but not very loud footsteps (because the other sounds are louder)
  • TV – Sounds are between Hi-Fi and Night Mode (I don’t recommend this option)
  • Night Mode – This is the best option. The gunshots, the explosions and the reinforcements are much quieter but the footsteps are the same like in the Hi-Fi but you can here it much better now. (I suggest to use this, you will notice a big improvement)
Other Settings

The settings that I didn’t mention above is just preference, I found these good maybe try it.

Windows Realtek HD Audio Manager Settings

These are the most important steps in the whole guide. These settings is not only the best for R6 but for every game.

To open the menu right click on the tray icon and select “Audio Devices

Sound -> Communications

Right after you open Realtek go to the Communications tab and click on “Do nothing

Playback -> Headphone

Double click on your headphone in the Playback tab to open the new menu
When the new menu popped-up you will see 5 new tabs


Set the main slider to about 50% but don’t go above 60%, you will see it later why.
Leave the others at 0%, they don’t really matter.


Make sure to turn ON the Equalizer and from the bottom select Bass because this is the most important tab from the 5. This settings will boost your sound level and the most important thing the bass. If this settings is turned on your overall sound quality will improve a lot. If you don’t believe in me then check yourself. Start a music and check the quality with and without the settings.

So why is the bass is so important in R6 and overall in games?

  • You will hear the footsteps much louder
  • You will be able to hear where are the shots coming from
  • And there’s much more why is this important.

Advanced and Spatial sound

Copy these settings I don’t know what to say about them, I can’t explain it through text. But trust me these are very good settings.

By Dani

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