Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: How to Change Region

This guide will help you change your region for a different ping…



First go to search bar at bottom of windows operating system and type MY GAMES. Second double click on the Rainbow 6 siege file. After you do this there should be a file with numbers and letters with spaces. You again double click this file. After you do this it should say GAME SETTINGS. Double click this file again and a page from notepad will appear labeled GAME SETTINGS NOTEPAD. After this scroll to the bottom of the page and you should see this:

;DataCenterHint =>
; default (ping based)
; playfab/australiaeast
; playfab/brazilsouth
; playfab/centralus
; playfab/eastasia
; playfab/eastus
; playfab/japaneast
; playfab/northeurope
; playfab/southafricanorth
; playfab/southcentralus
; playfab/southeastasia
; playfab/uaenorth
; playfab/westeurope
; playfab/westus

;if UseProxyAutoDiscovery is set to true, http_proxy or https_proxy or all_proxy and no_proxy are going to be looked up and used for all http calls

Where it sais: DataCenterHint=default
You can see this setting is set to default which is ping based. If you want to change your server location you simply copy and paste which region/location you would like to try like this:
DataCenterHint= playfab/westeurope
As you can see this one is changed to western europe region/location. After you copy and paste the region you want to play on you must go to FILE and click SAVE. Then close everything and repeat this process by going to file explorer and typing MY GAMES again and double clicking the files again [above steps] and checking that the region was saved and looks like my above change or whatever the region you chose. Afterwards close everything again and launch Rainbow Seige 6 to enjoy a change in your region. Just remember that with a region change your PING will also change depending on your distance from said region/server. And when you want to change it back just repeat these steps only change to the appropriate region.

And remember I am not held responsible for any mistakes one might make. These are very simple steps. Hopefully this guide will help you get a better ping and not get TK ed from your neighbor…

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