Touhou Monster TD: All Character & Tower Blessings (Endless Mode)

A comprehensive list of all characters blessings in the game for teambuilding purposes.


Playable characters

Important note : In Endless, each character starts with a different soul level. Since it can impact your builds, and is a hidden stat in the character sheet, we decided to include them


Starting soul level : 10
Weaver of Dreams : Doubles the True Damage for Reimu and all friendly units.

Miko of Destiny : Collecting Divine Hearts and green points permanently increases Reimu’s basic attack and spellcard damage.

  • Reimu’s a unique case where she’s the only playable character with 2 blessings
  • Weaver of Dreams will affect units like Remilia, or units with bomb-related abilities like Utsuho’s Sun of Purgatory blessing.
  • Miko of Destiny will grant (?) attack per green point, and 1 attack per Divine Hearts for Reimu’s basic attack.


Starting soul level : 8
Companion Ghost : Summon the ghost half of Youmu and instantly doubles your current spiritual threshold (unit cap)

  • The ghost half acts as a komachi would, aggro’ing enemies from very far away.
  • She is able to use skills as well as auto attacks
  • Benefits from the blessing that affect the player character.


Starting soul level : 12
Turn up the heat : After using Taiyi True Fire, all nearby units will receive Red Point Buff.

  • Red Point Buff from this ability do not benefit from the blessing “Crimson Force”.

Professor Cirno

Starting soul level : 12
Frosty Trail: Leaves behind a freezing trails that chills enemies

  • This also slows enemies that are really close to Cirno, not just those behind her.
  • Does very light damage (9 by default)
  • The trail is also affected by character-buffing blessings


Starting soul level : 9
Negative Charge: Upon attacking enemies, will also reduce said enemies’ armor.


Starting soul level : 11
Smoke of Immortality: On failure, gains 1 unique resurrection chance.

  • “On failure” refers to when your life reaches 0
  • Mokou will bring your life back to the maximum HP you can have, which means the default 10 + All bonus HP you received from Eirin’s Heart of Healer Blessing
  • Releases a nova that clears the map of all enemies when it occurs.

Danmaku Towers


Phantom Crossfire : Temporarily creates an illusionnary double to hit enemies.

  • Said Double inherit Reisen’s stats
  • Attack seemingly the same target as the main body


Extreme Poison : Poison now ticks for 1% of the enemy’s health.


Fragmentation Grenade : Upon reaching lvl5, gain the ability to throw fragmentation grenades at the enemy.

  • Scales off the bomb related blessings.


Contraindicated Approvals : The ability “The Trial of Sins” now instant kills enemies.

  • This will only instakill non-boss enemies. Boss enemies will take the usual critical damage instead.
  • This also won’t kill elite enemies, like ballerina hina or schoolgirl sanae


Wisdom of the Sages : The beam now bounces off to 2 other targets.

  • Just for clarity sake, it does hit 3 enemies in total
  • Bounced shots still applies any buff or blessing Yukari has.


Hearts as One : Putting a miko on a fountain gives all the other mikos in range the fountain’s bonus.

  • The “sharing” range is separate from the attack range, and is much greater.


Heart of Healer : Upon upgrading to lvl5, gives +5HP to the player.

  • This can overcap beyond the base 10HP
  • Doesn’t disappear if you sell or hammer away the Eirin.

Blast Towers


Heaven’s Pounding : On impact, Tenshi’s keystones will splinter into gravel, dealing more damage around the initial impact zone.

  • Tenshi’s gravels do not benefit from blast blessings


Stabbing Scythe : The armor debuff applied on hit will now last longer and stack.


Sun of Purgatory : Upon reaching level 5, Utsuho will launch nuke at enemies.

  • The nukes have a long cooldown between launches.
  • Buffed by all the nuke and bombs related blessings.


Fortuna descends : Add a fourth option to the blessing list when picking a new one

  • Works on every way the player has to get a new blessing, like picking one up or finishing a set wave

Spell Towers


Butterflies in the Dark : Shoots out a second “Butterfly wave” on each activation

  • Butterfly wave being the big pink butterfly she shoots out from lvl3 and upward


Bonechilling Winter Gale : Increase the damage of frostbite and makes it last forever

  • Frostbite is applied by cold surge, the ice rain spell she gets at lvl 3


All said and Done : Upon placing 9 Cirnos of any level on the map, consume them and summon Tanned Cirno

  • Tanned cirno has 81 base magic damage.
  • Can attack both air and ground units.
  • Has about twice the range of a lvl5 cirno.
  • Seems to share abilities with the normal cirno body.
  • Cannot be upgraded


Stardust Trail : Fires 1 extra beam of Magi-cannon from her back.


Shikigami Connection : [Danmaku], [Summon] and [Spell] blessings will now all apply to Yukari, Ran and Chen.

  • If you’re confused, Yukari will now benefit from [Summon] and [Spell] blessings
  • Ran will now benefit from [Danmaku] and [Summon] Blessings.

Special Towers


Heart Stopper : Terrifying enemies also apply a vulnerability debuff


Genuine friendship : Starts creating Divine hearts in addition to the green points.

  • Divine Hearts are the big green power ups, which efills all your basic attacks and spellcards by default.
  • Divine hearts can be upgraded through other blessings.


Luxurian Growth : Upon dropping blue points, there is a chance that they will multiply.


Hakutaku Beast : Keine’s attacks now applies vulnerability in a small AOE

Summon Towers


Doll Workshop : Upon reaching lvl5, grant +1 spirit threshold (unit cap)

  • Effectively make Alices free in terms of unit cap
  • Capped to 3 Alices. Any more will not apply the bonus
  • Currently seemingly bugged, the bonus is applied even at lvl1.
  • The bonus disappear if the alice is transformed or sold.


Flash Princess : Every few minutes, a lunar rabbit will appear to deliver a gift.

  • From experience, it seems that the gifts are very often red power ups


Off the Rails : Buffs her auto-attacks and make them infects the enemies

  • While her attack stat doesn’t change, testing it revealed that at 5*, the buff is equivalent to a x4 damage buff (50dmg without blessing -> 200 damage with blessing, on the big black spider boss)

Mallet-Made Towers


Gungnir : Change auto-attacks to the all-piercing Gungnir Spear

  • Seems to give every auto attack the same properties as her ability. Huge range, infinite penetration.


Master of Dreams : Change a cluster of enemies into kedamas.

  • The kedamas created appear to have some form of scaling but they still keep extremely low stats. Ex : Wave 100 kedamas have ~700hp, wave 110 ~1000hp.
  • Like Eiki’s instant kill, this won’t work on bosses or elite enemies


Rabbit Leader : Teaches Kaguya’s lunar rabbit squads and Reisen how to use carrot missiles.

  • Carrot missiles are heat seeking missiles with unreal (infinite?) range. They also apply an armor down debuff
  • Effectively changes the mortar rabbit that kaguya’s lvl5 spawns into carrot missile units
  • Reisen’s normal bullets are replaced by carrot missiles
  • Needs more testing when it comes to damage values, it is a very hard blessing to get, and usually appears late which make testing difficult

Naughty fairy

Tulip alraune :The fairy will often offer a gacha capsule. Very rarely, will offer a bomb instead.

  • The cooldown between each “offering” is surprisingly short. A bit less than a minute on x2 speed
  • Patch notes mention that gacha capsules are the only possible drop. Unsure if getting a bomb is a bug or a flavor interaction.

By TH175 and Missuki

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