Tribal Hunter: Mushroom Gourmet Achievement Guide

A guide intended to help earn the Mushroom Gourmet achievement.



Are you a new player starting their journey for the first time, or are you the experienced player stuck at 1490 fullness? This is the guide to help you.

Know that over the course of earning this achievement, you will also earn all of the other size based achievements as well as any story based achievements you complete along the way.

Mushrooms of the Overworld

These Mushrooms are the most straightforward to find. The easiest way to find these is to purchase the mushroom finder from Keys’ Upgraded Shop.

Additionally, you have trackers both in the world map and the pause menu that show how many mushrooms you have collected/are in the area.

The sooner you purchase the mushroom finder, the less backtracking you will need to do.
Keep in mind that some of these mushrooms are hidden in such a way that you will not have the move set to reach them the first time through.

Take note that there are no popper mushrooms in Darkdreads Castle.

Not So Obvious

There are some mushrooms that are tied to main and side missions in the game. One such side mission is the cow quest.

Three mushrooms are rewards for collecting each of the cows for the farmer. it is important to talk with him after finding each of the cows.

Another is by purchasing them from Keys’ Shop. Keep in mind that the price goes exponentially higher with each one you buy.

You can also earn mushrooms for fighting Laura, Wave, and the Alpha. They give one unit of capacity for the first time you fight them.
Keep in mind that the paths to Wave and Laura are hidden/dead ends, so make sure that you explore all areas in the swamp, and hive areas.

Often Forgotten key

At some point while traversing the hive, you will reach the forked path area. the path leading up is to ascend the mountain, while the path forward will lead to an encounter with Katsu.

Here you will pick up a key he dropped at this point after talking with him. the path forward will be blocked at this point, so you can either backtrack to a taxi statue, or continue along to the next statue.
Once you find a quick travel statue, travel to the entrance of the pig mens hideout and climb the wall to the left.

This path leads to the secret hideout. You will find the fox children and a sequence to earn your last mushroom (unless you do this right after finding the key).

This is most often forgotten about and unknown unless you have looked at the area map for the pigman hideout entrance before this point. This also will allow you access to the other side of the gate in the forked path area.


If you have progressed through the story, you will find a fair amount of mushrooms in casual play. Just remember, you can keep collecting mushrooms even when you have maxed out your capacity limit in the early game, all extra mushrooms gathered after that point will be counted towards the next stage of growth. Hopefully this was a help to those trying to become the largest lizard of them all.

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