Tribes of Midgard: 100 Days Survival Achievement Guide

A complete guide on how to survive the 100 days and get the achievement in Tribes of Midgard.


Starting the game

I recommend to pick the Villager starting kit for this challenge as it gives you the basic armor and weapon and also its good to have a few golden horns, so you could make an armor for the late game.

Start the new game with the following settings:

It’s important to select the large map size so the Jötnar would take some time to walk to your village. The rest of the settings will just make your life a lot easier during the first days.

Build recommendations

I recommend to go with the Warden class for this challenge because you wont have to fix your tools, you can reduce your crafting costs, extra rune slot and you can sell items for more souls which can be crucial.

This is the order of upgrading the skill tree that I used:

I like to upgrade Rejuvenating Return and Restored Bond early to have my Waystone refresh often. Stairway to Asgard Skill is not really necessary to upgrade, you can go with the Sword Mastery instead, but I just don’t use swords as much.


This is the Runes that I recommend to use to take down the Jötnar faster, but you can build your own combination that works for you.

Keep in Mind that the runes are stacking. For example, if you have two Rolling thunder runes (Evading has a 50% chance to trigger a bolt of lightning, striking nearby enemies for [medium] Thunder damage.) it will convert to 50% + 50% of 50% (which is 25%), so 50%+25%=75% chance to trigger.

Ire of Thór – Increase damage dealt to Jötnar by [15%].
Might of Mjölnir – Combo attacks have a 20% chance to generate arcs of lightning that connect nearby enemies for [medium] Thunder damage.
Pumped Up – Deal [20%] more damage when your Mana gauge is full.
Seiðr Weaver – Combo attacks have a 30% chance to generate magical projectiles that seek out enemies and deal [high] physical damage each.
Soul Powered – Deal [5] more damage per 100 Souls held (max of 10,000 Souls).

Weapons and Armor

For the late game you would absolutely need a weapon in each class to take down Jötnar fast Thunder weapons are good against Dark enemies (such as Helthings, enemies on the Ash Beaches and Angrboða), Dark weapons are good against enemies in Lands of Pools and Járnsaxa, Ice weapons are good in Smoky Highlands and against Hálogi and fire weapons are good for Glacier Peaks and against Geirröðr. So, fire against ice, thunder against dark and vise versa.

I would recommend the swords and axes as they are pretty fast, deal a good amount of damage and have a great magic skills. I Don’t recommend the bows though, you might want to save the arrows for the blood moons.
You would need the best possible armor, so you might need a few golden horns, which you can only obtain by playing Saga mode.

Days 1-2

Once you spawn in the world take any road and follow the path until you find the first portal. Collect 5 branches and 3 sticks, or you can cut some trees or stones with your sword skill.

Once you unlocked the portal teleport back to the village and create the axe and pickaxe. Continue exploring around the village, if you find small camps near the road, take them, so you get some souls. If you feel like your map is not very great, just restart the game. The hardest part is the first 8 days. So once you explored enough around the village head to the Land of pools (hopefully you found it already and upgraded your axe and pickaxe) and start farming stone and iron. You don’t have to defend the first night, save that time to harvest the resources. By the end of day 2 you should already have tinker and smith upgraded twice. Come back to the village to defend at night.

Days 3-5

Prioritize on rebuilding the quarry on the day 3 and craft Hersir Sword III. If you have enough silver, make yourself the Raider Armor. if you still have a bit of time, explore a bit more of the map and pay attention on the ramps. They may have the borders that you can break and get some matherial for upgrading the village.

Once day 4 started go find the Jötunn and damage him to 1000-2000 hp. After that head straight to complete the event. Try to complete the events as soon as possible, because they stop happening after day 25. Stack up on your fragments so you can sell them whenever you need souls. Go back to the village to defend the Blood Moon. Let Jötunn walk to your base and kill him only when you get the message that he is in the village. This way you’re going to delay the spawn of the next one.

On the Day 5 prioritize on rebuilding the lumberyard and building the walls and archers (level 1).

Days 6-8

Upgrade your walls and archers to level 2 before the Blood Moon on the day 8.

Once Jötunn enters the Midgard go find him and lower his hp to around 1000 and again just let him walk to your village. Your archers will kill him, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Keep doing the events and quests as they will give you shards and souls. Hopefully by the day 8 you already found the Merchant. If not its going to be a quite challenging to restore the base after the Blood Moon, so focus only on finding him on the day 8, if you didn’t already.

If you want to pick a quest or craft the weapon, go for the thunder weapon first, I usually go for Nornir Axe because it’s quite powerful and it have the self healing ability rather then healing on the area, so you would use less potions and thunder weapons are good against Helthings.

Days 9-40

Once day 9 started sell some shards at the merchant for souls and repair the village.

Prioritize on upgrading the walls and archers to the max level, NPC’s (each level they get stronger and help you to defend the base) and rebuilding the farm. Come back to defend every night, but leave your gates open so they would heal till the Blood Moon (always come back on the Blood Moon) or you can just leave for the night and come back when you get the message that Helthings destroyed the gates and repair them constantly.

Keep exploring the map so you can locate the Jötnar early, keep doing the events, taking camps, exploring ruins and hideouts. But don’t sell shards when you don’t need souls because if you die, you will loose all of it, so just stock up on the shards and soul potions.

Days 40-100

This is where all the “fun” begins. You already explored most of your map, crafted the best weapons and armor, and there is nothing really left to do besides protecting your village at nights and slaying Jötnar. also, they get pretty tanky from day 40. So now you have to delay them as much as you can. Once Jötuhn enters Midgard, go find him and lover his hp to around 40 000. And then just walk him to the village by running around him and damaging little by little. Dont forget to come back to defend every Blood Moon and in winters always keep an eye on the chat, if Helthings break the gates quickly teleport to the village and fix everything up and then one of your warden skills will allow you to teleport back where you left the Jötuhn.

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