Trombone Champ: Hidden Achievements Guide

How to unlock the hidden achievements + tips



Engoldenate, or Engoldenation, is the act of converting one of the Tromboner Cards into an Engoldenated form by combining 10 of the same card into one. Engoldenating is tied to 2 achievements, I DID ENGOLDENATION and ENGOLDENATION GOD.

Once you have 10 or more of the same card, you will see the Engoldenate message appear on the card’s screen as seen below. Selecting and confirming this will combine the 10 cards and give you an Engoldenated version.

You will know that your card is Engoldenated when it has a gold border instead of a blue one. See the images below to see the difference between a normal and Engoldenated card.

Once a card is Engoldenated, you will not find it in sacks. If you try to Turd it, you will see the message below. Turding an Engoldenated card will remove the Engoldanation, meaning you will have to collect 10 cards again.


I DID ENGOLDENATION – Do a big engoldenation on a Tromboner Card
To unlock this achievement you must convert any card to a golden card. To do this, you need to have 10 copies of the same card.

ENGOLDENATION GOD – Do an amazingly huge engoldenation on every single Tromboner Card
To unlock this, do the same step above but on all cards.

Turds Glitch

When you manage to make a golden card, you can continue buying more of it for 399 turds. But, because they are golden cards, they are worth more turds so when you sell them you end up earning more than you spent to buy them.
If you repeat this process several times, you will end up getting a lot of turds.

Get golden card > Buy more golden cards for 399 turds > Sell for much more > Repeat until you unlock all cards

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