Trombone Champ Walkthrough: Achievements & Modding Guide

This is a complete step-by-step guide for the game Trombone Champ
I have set all achievements out in the order I recommend alongside any useful information & tips with instructions on how to obtain the achievements and how to complete the game
For those looking to mod the game with custom songs, there are step-by-step instructions at the end of this guide, based off of that given by!


I Want Them All!

Go to settings menu
Change Baboon Preference to “All of Them”
Exit the menu

No More

Go to settings menu
Use the slider to turn volume all the way down
Exit the menu

I Would Prefer Not To

Do not play any notes during a track

Big Brain Scholar

Go to the advanced info menu
Click on “Baboon Facts”

S Apprentice

Get an S score on one track

The Music Enjoyer

Play at least 20 different tracks

  • Modded tracks do not count

S Associate

Get an S score on 5 tracks

New Friend

Go to the Main Menu
Click on “Card Collection”
Spam click on the candle at the bottom right corner of the screen

Yo! I Got a Sack

Purchase a sack from your new friend for 499 toots

S Aficianado

Get an S score on 10 tracks

S Virtuoso

Get an S score on 15 tracks

Never Liked the Guy

Collect as many toots as possible
Buy as many card sacks as you can

Turd all extra cards except for

  • 1x Trazon #46
  • x1 Bass Clef #23
  • 10x Hot Dog #27
  • 1x of all 50 cards
    You will need these later in the game


Unlock a trombone colour

Your friend will ask for 3x randomly selected cards
Get all 3 cards
Accept his deal
Sacrifice your cards
Receive a chest

Card Collector

Collect at least 1 of each card
As I said above, turd any extras except for the ones listed

  • If necessary: use your turds to make new sacks
    Try your best to gain more toots from playing tracks instead of wasting turds!
    Turds are more lucrative in the end game

Apex Aesthete

There are 7 total colours to obtain
The first 6 deals will ask for 3x randomly selected cards
But the final deal will ask for 1x of all 50 cards


Get an S score on 20 tracks

The Tootmaster

Get an S score on 4 tracks
Go the the Main Menu
Click “Baboon”
Click on the hatch
Click all 4 corners
Click the centre
Spam click the hatch

The Bassmaster

Get a Bass Clef #23 card
Click on the card to get the full sized version
Spam click the card
Click on the locked hatch
Spam click the locked hatch

Gettin’ Tootier

Unlock sound sets by spending toots in the Toot Vessel and turds in the Turd Vessel

  • I recommend completing the Toot Vessel before the Turd Vessel as toots are easier to come by and are required to make turds

ℹ The Toot Vessel

The Toot Vessel is Tootmaster Tom’s vessel
You need to spend 2,500 toots per reward
There are 4 total rewards

7,500 toots total are needed

  • Polygon (Character)
  • No Sound (Sound Set)
  • 8-Bit (Sound Set)
  • Mysterious Blue Key (Needed for the end game)

ℹ The Turd Vessel

The Toot Vessel is Bassmaster Ben’s Turd Vessel
You need to spend 750 turds per reward
There are 4 total rewards

1,500 turds total are needed

  • In The Club (Sound Set)
  • Gassy (Sound Set)
  • Servant of Baby (Character)
  • Mysterious Red Key (Needed for the end game)

Got Tootiest

Unlock all sound sets by spending toots in the Toot Vessel and turds in the Turd Vessel

Trombone Champ

Ensure you have all items listed below

  • Champ (Trombone Colour)
  • Servant of Baby (Character)
  • Mysterious Red Key
  • Mysterious Blue Key
  • 1x Trazom #46
  • 10x Hot Dog #37

    Follow these next steps

    Go to Settings
    Change Baboon Quantity to “Inferno (Mostest)”
    Change Baboon Preference to “All Of Them”

    Go to your Card Collection
    Click on Trazom #46
    Spam click the card until you see 2x locks (Red and Blue)
    Click on both locks to unlock them (by using your Mysterious Keys)
    You will be shown “Choose Yer Tromboner” menu

    Select “Servant of Babi” character
    Select “Champ” trombone colour
    Play through the track

  • This track is incredibly fast and almost impossible for the average human (or baboon), your score does not matter for this track. You only need 10x Hot Dog cards.

    If you missed or forgot any of the above steps, you will not be able to complete the game and after completing the track you will receive a hint about what you’re missing.

    When you complete the track with the right items; you’ll become the Trombone Champ!


Get an S score on 25 tracks


Get an S score on 30 tracks

🎶 How To Get Custom Tracks

I 100% advise full completion of the game before adding custom tracks to the game, but you don’t have to listen to me if you don’t want to (I will be sad though..)

First of all, you will need to install mods in order to make or play custom tracks

🤔 Preparing for Mods

First of all, you’ll need to find the location of your game
You can do this by right clicking your game in your Library,
Then click “Manage”
And then “Browse local files”

Then, copy your folder’s path by using Ctrl + C (or right-click and press Copy)
Paste this into a notepad for later use
My directory, for example is; C:\Steam\steamapps\common\TromboneChamp

📩 Installing BepInEx

Download BepInEx x64[]

Extract BepInEx into the directory you saved above (either use Ctrl+V or Right-Click and select Paste to paste)

Your game folder should now look like this

You will then start the game to load everything up and your BepInEx folder will look like this

💻 Installing Mods

For playing custom tracks all you’ll need Tromb Loader[]

Download the .dll and place it in your plugins folder

Start your game again to ensure everything starts up smoothly
Your BepInEx folder should now look like this

🎼 Installing Custom Tracks

You are now ready to install custom tracks and play them!
Head over to this spreadsheet[] and download whatever song you desire

Some songs are only found on their Discord[]

🎨 Creating Custom Tracks

This guide[] will show you how to use and what to download in order to make custom tracks!

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