Tunguska The Visitation: All News Stories And Their Sources

A list of all the news stories you can discover for the Pulitzer Candidate achievement. This guide contains spoilers.


News Stories And Where to Find Them

1. A group of people known as “Bootleggers” occupied Zernaskaya. This faction relies on producing alcohol from potatoes and selling to others.

Source: Dr. Sidor.

2. A man called Razor claimed that he once stumbled upon a locked bunker with seemingly Japanese or Chinese writings on the wall. Why would there be Oriental language painted here in Tunguska?

Source: Razor.

3. Wolf’s gallstones, also known as “Wolf Gem”, are sought after by people in Tunguska to make serums.

Source: listening to fireside conversations of the Bootleggers.

4. Scythe’s Blade, which are razor-sharp, metalic extensions of a Scythe mutant’s tendons, are very difficult to obtain and are used to make serums that improve one’s strength and endurance.

Source: listening to fireside conversations of the Railroad Cossacks.

5. The Cossacks at Lake Cheko hunt for Spitters, a mutant who attacks with acidic vomit. Their liver and vomit can be used to make serums that cleanses the body.

Source: listening to fireside conversations of the Lake Cossacks.

6. A type of mutant called “Babayaga” are the most dangerous ones in Tunguska. They can shoot lightning bolts with their hands, which are important ingredients for some advanced serums. Therefore some people risk their lives to hunt for them.

Source: listening to fireside conversations of the Elite Cossacks.

7. A German scientist named Hans explained what the “Distortions” are: concentrated energy as a result of Visitation events. They can be very dangerous.

Source: Hans Eppstein.

8. I interviewed Artyom, a victim of a phenomenon known as “Visitation”. It’s like a storm with strange lightening that is harmful to the body. One must hide underground to be safe from it.

Source: Artyom

9. A German scientist named Hans explained a theory about the “Visitation” events: beings from higher dimensions unknowningly affect our world while going about their routines.

Source: Hans Eppstein.

10. After talking to the Legionnaires, I learned about their struggles with Dr. Sidor’s bootleggers faction.

Source: Legionnaires at the barn.

11. I interviewed Roman, the leader of the Cossacks. He explained the life of ghoul hunters, who killl mutants in the Zone to harvest their body parts to make serums.

Source: Roman

12. I learned about a strange place in the Zone: Lake Cheko. It has since dried up into a radioactive swamp full of toxic gas.

Source: Roman

13. I heard about an interesting Distortion: the Mad Mechanic. It’s supposed to cause time to reverse – or forward – on objects inside, which is useful for restoring their condition – or the opposite.

Source: Dr. Sidor

14. The Priest explained to me about serum. They are made from mutant body parts and herbs, and can have good or bad affect on the human body.

Source: Father Romanoff

15. I learned about the faction called Sons of Chechnya, who has been the nemesis of Cossacks due to turf dispute in Lake Cheko.

Source: Alexei Trubachev

16. I interviewed the leader of Sons of Chechnya, who explained their struggles and their ultimate goal of raising money for Chechnya’s fight against USSR.

Source: go to the water treatment plant before they turn hostile, and talk to the leader Khasan Vakhaev.

17. I found some military documents from Oblenska, which mentioned a few Japanese researchers, one of which seemed to be related to Haruko. However, she refused to disclose the story behind.

Source: Haruko

18. A doctor from Chicago told me about his project of studying human stool for the Zone’s effect on human body.

Source: Markov Lempitski

19. The leader of the Elite Cossacks told me about a haunted forest near Ashinaka Sanatorium, a place where you can easily get lost, but full of opportunities for ghoul hunters.

Source: Vladimir Andronnikov

20. I learned about Ashinaka Sanatorium, a hospital built to treat Tuberculosis. It is now occupied by the Sons of Chechnya as a research facility.

Source: Alexei Trubachev

21. I found a doctor’s journal from thirty-four years ago which detailed his discovery of the Tunguska Syndrome, a disease linked to the Tunguska plutonium mine, as well as a strange storm.

Source: the doctor’s journal locked up in the first floor bedroom of Sidor’s house. The key to it is in Zernaskaya train station.

22. I discovered a story of betrayal, of a Cossack named Kirill who secretly worked with Sons of Chechnya in return of serum recipes.

Source: complete the investigation quest about Boris and Kirill.

23. I discovered a sensational story about Boris, a man who was infected and struggled to save his own life, even if it means betraying his friends.

Source: complete the investigation quest about Boris and Kirill.

24. Roman told me what he remembered as a child what happened to the Tunguska Plutonium mines: a mysterious disease hit the workers and the whole operation was shut down in the 1950’s.

Source: interview Roman

25. I used a Tunguska serum on myself. There was some nasty side effects but it also helped me get stronger for a short period of time. This is definitely not Snake Oil.

Source: use serum the first time in Zernaskaya.

26. I found a glowing orb inside a church in Zernaskaya, a strange blob of energy that electrifies random objects around it. I named it the “Holy Spirit Distortion”.

Source: visit the interior of the church.

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