Unaware of the World: Cheats Guide (Save Files Editing)

Unaware of the World is a 2D adult game developed by Unaware Team. here is a cheat guide for you. which will teach you how to cheat by editing save files in the game.

Note: New version 0.27b basic is now out with few fixes.


How to Cheat in Unaware of the World (Credit to Davox)

You can edit the save file with a text editor. It’s saved here:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Unaware Team\Unaware of the World

Towards the right-hand side of the line of text, all the stats are laid out. Work out what number belongs to which state and change the value after the ‘:’



So far I know that:

101:Vaginal experience
102:Anal Experience
103:Breast experience
104:Oral Experience

are the starting stats: 100 Energy and 50 cleanliness.

I don’t know what the max values are but I would presume it’s 100.

If you want more money search for all items


The first one 0:500 is money, so add a few 0’s onto the 500.

The rest of the items are:

0: Money
1: Condoms
2: dildo
3: Vibrator
4: Energy Drinks
5: Aphrodisiac
6: Anaphrodisiac
7: ?
8: Makeup
9: Makeup Remover

Obviously, play around with stats at your peril, and keep a copy of your save pre-change so you have something to go back to.

I had a look through the save file and couldn’t see an obvious way to just ‘turn cheats on’, so either faff around with the save file or give the Dev some money.

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