Vae Victis Khan: Cheat Codes (V0.6)

Vae Victis Khan Conquer Ravish Breed is a free adult game developed by DoorKnob22, you play as a prince to reclaim his throne. here is a cheats guide for you in-game.

The latest version of the game is updated to 0.6.9


Vae Victis Khan Cheat Codes

mcBaseDamage = XX #Subdue and defensive attacks deal half damage, aggressive attacks deal double damage
mc_hp = XX
mc_max_hp = XX

#Resources (capped at 10 on Day 0, + 20 the day after claiming Gaunteinguk, + 20 the day after claiming Oryeonguk)
troops = XX
gold = XX

Gaunteinguk.obedience = XX
Gaunteinguk.morale = XX
Gaunteinguk.garrisonTroops = XX
Oryeonguk.obedience = XX
Oryeonguk.morale = XX
Oryeonguk.garrisonTroops = XX

Replace XX with the value you want. You break it, you bought it: If you’re not absolutely sure what you’re doing, save before changing anything.


Vae Victis Khan V0.6 Patch Note

  • Content
    • A new quest: Karder infiltrates the Amazon fiefdom of Limtinia so he can steal their martial secrets before they get a chance to destroy them.
    • A new 1 + 1 Wench duo, an Amazon princess and her aunt, both for you to love or abuse.
    • Wenches reaction scenes for Karder’s conquest (Teniya, Sumia and Dian)
  • Infra
    • Improved Game Save system, you can now rename your saves to remind you what was in each save. Thanks gojira667!
    • You can now make the text box transparent via the Game Settings menu.
  • Khaganate management
    • Two new garrison upgrades (after completing the Limtinia quest)
    • Shadow Institute now offers more population control methods. Force Yield moved to be part of the Shadow Institute.
    • When a fiefdom you controlled rebels, it’s Obedience will be set to 85, breaking the vicious circle of perpetually rebelling fiefs
    • Gold accumulation: each fiefdom you control now automatically adds 1 gold every turn. Yield works normally, adding significant boosts when your morale roll succeeds. Building costs were increased to reflect the changes.
    • Failed raids are less devastating. Instead of automatically destroying every building and lowering Obedience, buildings and Obedience drop now have roughly 50% chance to take place, with garrisons only 25%. However, raiders will always steal some gold (if they win).
  • Audio/Visual
    • Original music score for the Tinpingia and Limtinia quests
    • Animations in the Limtinia quest

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