VALKYRIE ELYSIUM: Collectible Things and Where to Find Them

A guide to every important collectible, and some random bits and bobs because I can.



I find the lack of comprehensive, all the things in one place guides for this one year old game disturbing, bad reviews and disappointed players nonewithstanding. Therefore, it shall be known that this guide compends the knowledge of multitudes, aaaaand stage exit left.

Honestly, the game is pretty nice so far in my opinion, I have yet to check out harder modes and the Other-Valkyrie or Seraphic Gate modes, though. The big issue I see with the game is the steep price – the base price should be half of what it is.

Regardless, on to the guide: In here, I will detail which Weapons, Subquests, Runes, Spells and Ambrosias can be found in which missions. There will be mild spoilers and I will not tag them all (because basically the latter three quarters of the guide would be black), but you have been warned.

Originally, this is based on a lovely guide I wrote as a one pager in HTML, with great <dl>s in a responsive grid that would adjust the amount of columns based on how many fit on the screen, but alas, Steam hates HTML embeds – even though it obviously parses the guides posted here for malicious content, anyway – so you get an ugly version of it. Just give me an [IFRAME] tag – if I wanted to give someone a virus, I could just use the IMG-BBCode tag that already works within Steam guides (supposedly, anyway, from what I have read) and link a malicious image with embedded code…
Am I rambling? Do I care? Not really, but here is the next section of the guide:


Throughout the course of the game, you can find a total of six weapons. They do not really offer terrible much advantage over one another, so just try them out and use the ones you like the most. Personally, my favourite is actually Alfodr with a side of Sidgrani and an occasional Baleygr to wash it down.

Your starting weapon. The weapon you start with. You will already be equipped with it after starting the game.
The DLC Weapons
They do not count towards the six and are essentially palette swaps of Alfodr that cost you an additional 10 bucks, from what I understand.
Chapter 1 Reward
Chest in Chapter 3
An Old Man’s Discerning Eye
Chapter 4 Reward
Midgardian Studies 2

Runes (Weapon Enhancements)

Starting at upgrade level 5, weapons gain a rune slot. At level 10, they gain a second slot.
You can put one of the following 18 runes into these slots. They give you various benefits.
To continue with personal recommendations: Physical Attack Power Up III and Arts Gauge Recovery Up III on Alfodr, Magic Attack Power Up III and Soul Gauge Recovery Up III on Sidgrani, Physical Attack Power Up II and Physical Damage Reduction III on Baleygr.

Offensive Runes
Physical Attack Power Up I
Chest in Chapter 3, on the main road
Physical Attack Power Up II
Chest in Chapter 7, drop down next to the last checkpoint
Physical Attack Power Up III
Midgardian Studies 3: Subquest reward
Magic Attack Power Up I
Chest in Chapter 1, in the circular room with the chains, up the stairs – requires Eygon’s Einherjar Puzzle Power ™
Magic Attack Power Up II
An Old Man’s Discerning Eye: Subquest reward
Magic Attack Power Up III
Advice for Cypher: Subquest reward


Defensive Runes
Physical Damage Reduction I
Chest in Chapter 3, across a drawbridge leading north
Physical Damage Reduction II
Chest in Chapter 6, up some wooden stairs out in the open on the main path
Physical Damage Reduction III
Midgardian Studies 1, Subquest reward
Magic Damage Reduction I
My Hometown, Subquest reward
Magic Damage Reduction II
The Unfinished Masterpiece, Subquest reward
Magic Damage Reduction III
Training Duel with Eygon, Subquest reward


Recovery Runes
Soul Gauge Recovery Up I
Chest in Chapter 5, near the White Dress
Soul Gauge Recovery Up II
Village Request 2, Subquest reward
Soul Gauge Recovery Up III
A Bout with Kristoffer, Subquest reward
Arts Gauge Recovery Up I
Chest in Chapter 4, square arena off the main path, on the ground floor
Arts Gauge Recovery Up II
Village Request 1, Subquest reward
Arts Gauge Recovery Up III
Combat Training For Taika, Subquest reward

Divine Arts (Spells)

There are a variety of spells available. As per usual with RPGs, the lower tier spells are usually more efficient. The exception to this is probably Nibelung Valesti II which costs the same amount of Arts Gauge as tier 1 and gives an additional effect.
Also, not a single enemy is weak to earth, so that spell is just a “recolour” of Convergence that does damage.

Location for Tier 1
… Tier 2
… Tier 3
Fire Spells
Fire Lance
Chapter 1: unmissable Chest
Chapter 6: locked tower
A Mage’s Miscalculation: Subquest reward
Fire Storm
Chapter 2: completion reward
Chapter 6: after third checkpoint
Combat Training For Taika: Subquest reward
Ifrit Caress
This Flower for Thee 1: Subquest reward
This Flower for Thee 2: Subquest reward
This Flower for Thee 3: Subquest reward
Ice Spells
Hail Shot
Chapter 1: in Be’elze Castle
Chapter 5: past the village
Advice for Cypher: Subquest reward
Glacial Blizzard
Cypher’s Belief 1: Subquest reward
Cypher’s Belief 2: Subquest reward
Cypher’s Belief 3: Subquest reward
Holy Spells
Grave Edge
Chapter 1: Be’elze Castle basement
Chapter 3: completion reward
A Bout with Kristoffer: Subquest reward
Extreme Void
Woes of a Gallant Princess 1: Subquest reward
Woes of a Gallant Princess 2: Subquest reward
Woes of a Gallant Princess 3: Subquest reward
Dark Spells
Punishment Blast
Chapter 4: near the end
Chapter 6: completion reward
Secrets Hidden in Danger: Subquest reward
Lightning Spells
Lightning Bolt
Chapter 1: starting spell
Chapter 5: in the courtyard
Training Duel with Eygon: Subquest reward
Meteor Shower
Thanks to a Comrade 1: Subquest reward
Thanks to a Comrade 2: Subquest reward
Thanks to a Comrade 3: Subquest reward
Earth Spells
Mortal Suppression
Chapter 3: in the collosseum
Chapter 7: completion reward
Secrets Hidden in Danger: Subquest reward
Non-Elemental Spells
Chapter 1: unmissable chest
Chapter 3: near SW checkpoint
Chapter 5: room inside the castle
Mother’s Ring: Subquest reward
Chapter 5: completion reward
A Blacksmith’s Wish: Subquest reward
Nibelung Valesti
Chapter 8: completion reward
Midgardian Studies 3: Subquest reward


There are a variety of Subquests you can unlock during Chapters or in Valhalla during the intermission, by examining shinies and talking with your Einherjar.
Note that Einherjar quests may not be immediately available after completing the required Chapter as is listed, you may need to refresh the area first – either by doing a different quest first or by saving and reloading the saved game from the title screen.

Unlocked by talking to…
Mother’s Ring
a shiny in Chapter 1
A Dead Man’s Warning
a shiny in Chapter 1
My Hometown
a shiny in Chapter 2
O’ Mine Beloved Land
a shiny in Chapter 3
An Old Man’s Discerning Eye
a shiny in Chapter 3
The Unfinished Masterpiece
a shiny in Chapter 4
Years of Ill Will
a shiny in Chapter 4
Village Request 1, 2
a shiny in Chapter 5
Mother, Where Art Thou?
a shiny in Chapter 5
Long Lost Reconciliation
a shiny in Chapter 5
Forever a Child in a Parent’s Eyes
a shiny in Chapter 5
An Imprisoned Soul 1
a shiny in Chapter 6
A Blacksmith’s Wish
a shiny in Chapter 6
A Mage’s Miscalculation
a shiny in Chapter 6
An Imprisoned Soul 2
a shiny in Chapter 7
Midgardian Studies 1-3
a shiny in the Library after Chapter 5, 6 and 8, respectively
Secrets Hidden in Danger
a shiny in the Library after Chapter 7
Thanks to a Comrade 1-3
Eygon after Chapter 3 and 5
Cypher’s Belief 1-3
Cypher after Chapter 4 and 6
Woes of a Gallant Princess 1-3
Kristoffer after Chapter 6
The Flower for Thee 1-3
Taika after Chapter 7
Training Duel with Eygon
Unlocks automatically after Chapter 6
Advice for Cypher
Unlocks automatically after Chapter 6
A Bout with Kristoffer
Unlocks automatically after Chapter 6
Combat Training For Taika
Unlocks automatically after Chapter 6

Ambrosias (Health Upgrades)

Definitely not heart containers, you have a health bar, after all.

Details of Location
Chapter 1
Uptown house, grapple onto rooftops
Chapter 2
Shortly before meeting Eygon
Chapter 3
Two checkpoints after the Naglfar
Chapter 4
Locked tower room (key is upstairs)
Chapter 5
Near the beginning, seen behind a gate
Chapter 6
After purifying the final plant
Chapter 8
West after the first checkpoint
Mother’s Ring
Subquest Reward
A Dead Man’s Warning
Subquest Reward
An Old Man’s Discerning Eye
Subquest Reward
The Unfinished Masterpiece
Subquest Reward
Years of Ill Will
Subquest Reward
Mother, Where Art Thou?
Subquest Reward
An Imprisoned Soul 2
Subquest Reward

Arts Ambrosias (Magic Upgrades)

I suppose you could call them “MP Upgrades”. Personal recommendation of spells in order of top, right, bottom, left:
– before completing chapter 8: Lightning Bolt I, Fire Storm I or Ifrit Caress I, any element tier I that enemies in the area are weak to, Heal I
– after completing Chapter 8: Lightning Bolt I, Extreme Void I, Nibelung Valesti I or II, Heal I

Details of Location
Chapter 2
Top of the stairs near the center of the town
Chapter 4
In the collosseum, east side
Chapter 6
In a side room while going up the central tower
Chapter 8
Near the beginning
Forever a Child in a Parent’s Eyes
Subquest Reward
An Imprisoned Soul 1
Subquest Reward

Soul Ambrosias (Summoning Upgrades)

These increase your Soul Gauge that is used to summon Einherjar. I will give some personal recommendations on Auto-Summons as well: Taika on Normal Attack, Kristoffer on Chained Attack, distribute all others evenly between the other two – that way, all four will be summoned automatically roughly evenly.

Details of Location
Chapter 3
On the first floor of the church
Chapter 5
In the cathedral next to the final relic
Chapter 7
Jump down into the small courtyard next to the prison before the end
O’ Mine Beloved Land
Subquest Reward
Long Lost Reconciliation
Subquest Reward
Midgardian Studies 2
Subquest Reward

Notable Things

Want more ramblings? Well, here you go: Random tips and tricks, or just outright obscure information I find interesting or simply good to be aware of.

  • The Subquest “Mother’s Ring” contains about 8 chests with Small and Medium Elixirs and Arts Elixirs, in case you need to farm those.
  • Soul Elixirs are harder to find, especially the “Small” variety. They mostly come from Main Quests, but there “Midgardian Studies 2” contains about 5 chests with various elixirs, one of them being a Small Soul Elixir.
  • “An Imprisoned Soul 1” is the first Subquest that drops Black and Rainbow Gems for those final high level upgrades. On top of that, you can get them an entire Main Quest sooner than you are supposed to be able to otherwise.
  • Great Subquests to level up weapon proficiency for that one achievement are “An Imprisoned Soul 1 and 2” due to having very short textboxes during which you do not have to wait for character animations, lots of enemies that are spread out just enough to prevent you from getting overwhelmed, and they drop those high level gems. Of course, other quests are available if you so choose.
  • The average weapon proficiency gain per hit seems to be 2 points. The issues seem to be that some weapons try to hit the enemy multiple times per button press – and to gain weapon proficiency, all (or at least most) of those hits seem to need to hit. Some special attack combos from skills may not give any experience with some weapons, yet they do give great experience with others. Long story short: just judging by hits per proficiency efficiency, using nothing but strong attacks would probably be the most efficient… but that is not very fun, now is it?
  • Nibelung Valesti is, essentially, a screen clear attack that hits all enemies in a large radius. However, it first needs to hit an enemy with the initial dash attack action Valkyrie performs. If this strike does not hit, your 6 Arts points are wasted and the spell will not go off. This is similar behaviour to Soul Strikes.
  • You gain lengthy, valuable seconds of invulnerability while casting spells or executing Soul Strikes. This effect even allows you to avoid otherwise unblockable attacks with the greatest of ease. Of course, not every spell has a lengthy cast time: some of the better ones, in particular, are cast instantly.



The scoring system at the end of each quest works as follows:

  1. Your “time” score starts out at 30.000 and ticks down by 1 point every second, giving you about 8 hours to complete each mission before it would reach zero.
  2. You lose a couple 100 points for using items during quests.
  3. You lose points for every damage you take. Which starts considering the taken damage to be “heavy” super early on…
  4. You lose 4.500 points for every death you take. Healing with items is by far preferrable.
  5. You can gain up to 2.500 points for each of the following actions you can take:
    1. Casting spells. You gain 25 points per spell, I believe, capping out the bonus after 100 casts.
    2. Summoning Einherjars. You gain 50 points per summon, capping out after 50 summons.
    3. Technical actions. This means precision dodging and blocking, I believe, and gives 100 points for each.
    4. Kills. You gain points per kill, and you can hardly cap this bonus out on most missions because the amount of enemies is too low.
  6. Hint: each checkpoint in a mission will restore you to full once, so you can artificially increase your score by spamming spells and summons, then healing up and continuing.
  7. Your final grade will be determined by your final score. On normal mode, I found it rather hard to get a score below A and only received a B once on a mission I died on. A score somewhat well above 30.000 will give you an S, above around 25.000 you should be getting an A, below that is B, and I frankly do not know if there are worse or better scores, nor do I care.
  8. Shorter quests will usually be a bit more lenient and give you the S even below 30.000.
  9. You gain Yellow Souls for your final score, too. It is calculated by score/1000 and rounded down, netting you about 30 souls which is absolutely and completely negligible at least on normal mode.


Power Levels

Einherjars have a maximum power level, as well as different growth rates. Their powers grow by

(amount of times they have been summoned) times (growth rate)

at the end of every mission. They reach their maximum power after having been summoned 200 times.

Maximum Attack
Attack Growth Rate
Maximum Magic Attack
Magic Growth Rate
It Shall Be Engraved Upon Thine Soul
Divine Assault: Nibelung Valesti!

Because how else was I going to end this guide? Really now.

By Zeal

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