VALKYRIE ELYSIUM: FPS Boost for Low End Hardware

Little changes in config that will boost fps on low end hardware like GTX 1050 Ti


1. Launch options

Add -dx11 in launch option, that will give a little performance boost for old NVIDIA cards

2. Config

Open GameUserSettings.ini located at:
C:\Users\*Your Profile*\AppData\Local\VALKYRIE_ELYSIUM\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
Change sg.ResolutionQuality=*number* to reduce resolution, wich will be upscaled with TAAU, so loss in quaity will not be that obvius (FSR actually not works for me)
70% is close to PS4 graphics settings

3. Enable FSR which does not work

Enable ingame setting, which doesent actually do, what shoul do, but it actually gives some performance boost
It actually, in my opinion, enables TAAU, which are unreal upscaler

4. Ingame settings (optional)

You can play with it as you like, but here some:
PS5 like settings
PS4 like settings

Anti Aliasing not change a thing for me, that’s why it’s disabled

5. FPS lock

You can lock fps for more smooth expirience with SpecialK[]
LatentSync fps lock will reduce input latency. To reduce input latency even more you can play with Delay Bias
Uncheck Allow Tearing if you have a screen tearing

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