Vampire Survivors: Optimal Build for Inlaid Library

Here is a list of  Optimal Build for Inlaid Library.


Optimal Build for Inlaid Library

From most important to least important.

1. Magic Wand + Empty Tome
2. Runetracer + Duplicator
3. Fire Wand + Spinach
4. Axe + Candelabrador

5. Depends on character:
Antonio: Whip + Hollow Heart
Imelda: Cross + Clover
Pasqualina: King Bible + Spellbinder
Gennaro: Knife + Bracer
Porta: Lightning Ring + Wings
Poe: Garlic + Pummarola
Mortaccio: Bone + Bracer

6. Depends on character:
Antonio: Garlic + Pummarola
Imelda: Knife + Bracer
Pasqualina: Garlic + Pummarola
Gennaro: Cross + Clover
Porta: King Bible + Spellbinder
Poe: Cross + Clover
Mortaccio: Cross + Clover

Mortaccio is the best character for beating Hyper Inlaid Library.

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