Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Rose De Infernas

How to Unlock Rose De Infernas   Solution To unlock the character, Play Astral Stair. This stage can be unlocked by reaching level 80 in Inverse Inlaid Library. Go through the door 46 times. (can be any doors in this stage, times of passing are stacked) After that, We find … Read More

Vampire Survivors: Full Collection Guide (v1.0)

How to unlock all the Collection items (v1.0.1) and the character “Sigma”   Full Collection Unlocking all the collection entries will unlock the character “Sigma”. Most of these entries can already be found in the steam achievements, but it is sometimes hard to figure out what exactly is missing, so … Read More

Vampire Survivors: How to Restore Your Save Data (Three Methods)

This guide will take you through how to restore your save data if it has been corrupted.   Method 1 – In Game Menu Save Data Recovery 1) Open the game and select Options from the main menu. 2) Select Data Recovery then click confirm. 3) Select load last run then click confirm. This should fix … Read More

Vampire Survivors: How to Copy Over PC Game Pass Save Data to Steam

This guide will help you transfer over your save data from PC Game Pass to Steam.   How to Copy Over PC Game Pass Save Data to Steam Before doing this please ensure you have Vampire Survivors installed from both PC Game Pass and Steam. 1) Navigate to C:\Users\YourLocalUser\AppData\Local\Packages\poncle.VampireSurvivors_9pv5cyp4vwdsr\SystemAppData\wgs\ (if you cannot … Read More

Vampire Survivors: Best Gold and Egg Farming Build

Core build for any character to farm gold.   Easy build for gold farming any character. Character Any Stage 5 Cappella Magna with these active 1. Hyper 2. Limit Break 3. Arcanas Build: Arcana’s in this order. 1. XIII – Wicked Season – First picked 2. XV – Disco of … Read More

Vampire Survivors: Weapons Evolving v0.8.270

This is guide for weapons evolving version 0.8.270   📰FULL LIST 🧙‍♂️ Holy Wand Damage – 30 Pierce – 2 Cooldown – 0.5 seconds 🔪Thousand Edge Damage – 16 Pierce – 3 Cooldown – 0.3 seconds 🪓Death Spiral Damage – 60 Pierce – 1000 Cooldown – 4 seconds 💀HellFire Damage … Read More

Vampire Survivors: All Weapon Combinations (Update 0.7.3)

Here is a simple guide on how to combinate the weapon and power-up in Vampire Survivors. Note: the latest patch 0.7.3 is out with new characters, weapon,s and Arcanas.   Weapon + Power-up = Evolve Weapons and power-ups give you evolution. When you press the “esc” key, the first line … Read More

Vampire Survivors: How to Win with Toastie

This guide is for others who are looking into playing Toastie. Toastie is my main character and I want to share my personal experience on how to play Toastie better and win.   Overview of Toastie, best map and equipment it needs Toastie is a character that is hard to … Read More