Vampire Survivors: How to Copy Over PC Game Pass Save Data to Steam

This guide will help you transfer over your save data from PC Game Pass to Steam.   How to Copy Over PC Game Pass Save Data to Steam Before doing this please ensure you have Vampire Survivors installed from both PC Game Pass and Steam. 1) Navigate to C:\Users\YourLocalUser\AppData\Local\Packages\poncle.VampireSurvivors_9pv5cyp4vwdsr\SystemAppData\wgs\ (if you cannot get to this folder you … Read more

Vampire Survivors: Gold and Egg Farming Build 4.5 Million Gold Per Run & 1835 Golden Eggs (V0.10.0)

Introduction Stage:Bone Zone (Hyper + Limit Break + Arcanas) Character: Big Trouser (+1% greed / level) MAX weapons: 3 Arcanas: Start with>> XIII Wicked Season(Gaining +1% growth, luck, greed and curse every 2 level) 11mins>> XV Disco of Gold(Main mechanism for gold farming) 21mins>> VIII Mad groove(save time, pick up the attracted coin bag when … Read more