Vampire Survivors: How to Copy Over PC Game Pass Save Data to Steam

This guide will help you transfer over your save data from PC Game Pass to Steam.


How to Copy Over PC Game Pass Save Data to Steam

Before doing this please ensure you have Vampire Survivors installed from both PC Game Pass and Steam.

1) Navigate to C:\Users\YourLocalUser\AppData\Local\Packages\poncle.VampireSurvivors_9pv5cyp4vwdsr\SystemAppData\wgs\ (if you cannot get to this folder you may need to enable the “show hidden files” option).

2) Go into the folder with the long name similar to “00090000024BA160_00000000000000000000000065116356”.

3) Go into the next folder with a long name similar to this “160F3409C7164F65999339E2F896548E”.

4) Copy the file with the long name similar to this “DFB0C5FD5D814D6C870A8B6F7784C4CF”.

5) Go to your start menu and type in “%APPDATA%” and hit return.

6) Navigate to Vampire_Survivors_Data folder.

7) Right click on SaveData.sav and rename to SaveDataOld.sav.

8) Paste and rename the file with the long name to SaveData.sav.

9) Re-launch the game and you should have your save from PC Game Pass.

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