Vampire Survivors: Reach level 100 with Bianca Ramba (Achivement Reroll 3)

Small videoguide showing how i get the achievement Reroll 3: Reach level 100 with Bianca Ramba, also i show all the upgrades i have at the start of the video.


Vampire Survivors – Achivement Reroll 3: Reach level 100 with Bianca Ramba.

Of course i use Bianca Ramba and for the weapons i use: Carréllo, King Bible, Santa Water, Song of Mana, Fire Wand and Whip.

And for the passives i use: Hollow Heart, Attractorb, Spellbinder, Spinach, Skull O’Maniac and Crown, i get the Empty Tome as extra but is not needed.

Here is the full playthrought:

By Pato.

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