Vampire Survivors: How to Win with Toastie

This guide is for others who are looking into playing Toastie. Toastie is my main character and I want to share my personal experience on how to play Toastie better and win.


Overview of Toastie, best map and equipment it needs

Toastie is a character that is hard to play at start but easy at end. Because Toastie has 1 health and it starts out with that white bird. Constant movement is required.

The suggested map to play with Toastie is definitely Gallo Tower. In my opinion, Gallo Tower is the map with best composition of enemy mobs that allows evading movement opportunities in comparison to other maps.

Play on hyber mode, no hurry, and arcanas on.

Starting arcana
Pick this to be your starting arcana. You want to look for Magic Wand drop and get that as soon as possible

Equipment to pick up for Toastie

Single-target: Magic Wand and Runetracer
AOE: Santa Water and Ebony Wings for it’s evolution
Survival: Laurel and Clock Lancet

Passives: Empty Tome, Spinach, Attractorb, Duplicator, Torrona’s Box, and Armor

End-game load

Pickup/Upgrade Prioritization

With first Arcana (XI Waltz of Pearls), you want to focus on picking Magic Wand first and upgrading it. and other most vital pickups are Laurel and Empty Tome. If you happen to see Toronna’s Box, go for it since its a more rare drop.

Some rules of thumb:
1) you want to upgrade single-target weapons as much as you can.
2) Only upgrade Peachone / Ebony Wings when they are the only ones to pick from the chest drop. 3) Before 10th minute mark, only pick up Ebony Wings if there’s no other weapon / passive.
4) Santa Water or Clock Lancet will have to wait until after you evolve birds.

If you picked up Santa Water, I strongly advise picking up XIV – Jail of Crystals
for your second arcana to compensate for not having Clock Lancet at that stage. With bouncing Magic Wand and Runetracer (especially it’s evolution) will do great job freezing up incoming mobs. At end-game, full screen of mobs won’t come close to you, you’ll be untouchable. They all constantly are frozen. Keeps your Toastie safe and cozy.

Pick up VIII – Mad Groove to bring all stage items, gems, chests, food, and other items to you. With max attractorb, you’ll pick them up without moving. Pick up the rings/metaglios when you are confident with survival and power output to take them down.

Once you hit level 100, victory is clear. Toastie will have 9999+ health. at level 200, you’ll be super armored that Death can’t even kill you.

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