Vampire Survivors: How to Restore Your Save Data (Three Methods)

This guide will take you through how to restore your save data if it has been corrupted.


Method 1 – In Game Menu Save Data Recovery

1) Open the game and select Options from the main menu.

2) Select Data Recovery then click confirm.

3) Select load last run then click confirm.

This should fix your save data. If this has not worked try Method 2.

Method 2 – Manually Move the Last Run Data File

1) Close the game.

2) Go to your start menu and type in “%APPDATA%” and hit return.

3) Navigate to Vampire_Survivors_Data folder.

4) Right click on SaveData.sav and rename to SaveDataBroken.sav.

5) Go to the <game installation folder>\resources\app\.webpack\renderer folder and copy the LastRunBackup.sav file.

6) Return to the Vampire_Survivors_Data folder and paste.

7) Rename the LastRunBackup.sav save data file to SaveData.sav.

8) Re-launch the game!

If this hasn’t worked follow Method 3.

Method 3 – Manually Move Backup Save Data

1) Follow steps 1-4 from Method 2

2) Navigate to the backups folder and copy the most recent .BAK file

3) Return to the Vampire_Survivors_Data folder and paste

4) Rename the .BAK file to SaveData.sav.

5) Re-launch the game!

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