Vampire Survivors: Quick and Easy Gold Farm Guide for Queen Sigma

This is just a quick and easy gold farm guide for Queen Sigma.
With this character, you can earn 80-100k~ within about 7-8~ minutes.


If you have Queen Sigma unlocked, I’m assuming you have everything you need to this guide.

The stage we’re going to be farming will be the Moonglow stage.
It’s only 15 minutes long and with Hyper and Hurry on; it’s even shorter. Meaning you can get a lot of gold fairly quickly.
Also unique to this stage are the MOON ANFORA enemies (the vase looking enemies that spawn and don’t move). These enemies will be dropping coin bags, which are key for this to work.
Make sure ALL the boxes are checked (Hyper, Hurry, Arcanas and Limit Break)

Aside from the insane base stats and overpowered weapon Queen Sigma has; She also has something else that makes her one of the best character – plenty of rerolls. This allows you to pick and choose exactly what you need.

The build priority is below:
– Grab Torrona’s Box IMMEDIATELY (rerolling if you have to). We’re going to be taking all stage items in the spawn area, but it’s crucial you get the box first before anything.

There are also THREE Arcana we’ll be focusing on:
– Disco of Gold
– Wicked Season
– Silent Old Sanctuary

After getting those three Arcana, in that order, you can choose whatever you’d like. I personally stay away from Mad Groove, as the extra passives only slow you down.

Early Game

Early game is all about maxing Victory Sword and Torrona’s Box. These two will be your primary focus and what you’ll be spending your rerolls searching for.

Make sure to pick up the chests at the 3 and 5 minute marks, as they can sometimes help you max these two. They also give you small amounts of gold early on, but become more important at 10 minutes and beyond.

Like I mentioned in the Preparation section; you NEED Torrona’s Box FIRST
Once you have the box, feel free to get the nearby stage items.


By around the 5-6 minute mark, you should have Victory Sword and/or Torrona’s Box maxed.
The priority after these two will be growth items such as Stone Mask, Crown and Clover, but also damage increasing items like Empty Tome, Spinach, Bracer and Duplicator.

Look out for coin bags for an early gold fever. It’s not your main concern right now, but it’s possible to maintain gold fever from the early game all the way to the end.

Mid Game

Mid game is where things start to pick up.

You’ll have your only weapon and it’s counterpart maxed and ready for evolution at the 10 minute mark boss.
You’ll be working on other important passives for more gold and damage.
You’ll also be finishing out less important passives.
Note: Spellbinder is an annoying passive due to increasing the duration of Orologion. Try to focus on it last, but ultimately it’s unimportant.


Once you’ve killed the boss at the 10 minute mark and evolved Victory Sword into Sole Solution; your only focus now is gaining as much gold as possible.
Another thing I want to mention about Queen Sigma is she does not get eggs. So killing the 4 Masked Guardians does nothing for her.

Late Game and Summary

At the late game stage it’s simply grinding as much gold as possible.
You should have all your passives maxed after 10 minutes and you should also be maintaining gold fever.
A few last things to mention would be getting gold fever.
The coin bags are based on your LUCK stat. The higher your luck, the more often they’ll spawn. The downside to luck is that it increases the chance of Orologion’s (the clocks that freeze time) spawning. These slow the run down a bit, but nothing too substantial.


As I mentioned, this is just a quick and easy guide for Sigma. She’s easily the strongest base stat character in the game and has the strongest weapon as well. You should have no problem grinding gold to buy eggs for your other characters.
By the end of these runs I have about 80-100k~ gold in only 7~ minutes. You could potentially get more with her farming other stages, but I found this one works the best FOR ME.
Here’s a final screenshot of one of my runs:

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