Vampire Survivors: How to Get 5000 Gold Quickly (Jan 2022 New Update)

Sharing my personal experience in how one can get 5000 gold in a run!



Today (Jan 30, 2022) there is an update for the game, and one of the new achievements is to get 5000 gold. This is definitely not super easy, and I want to share my experience in getting this achievement. Here’s proof that I have got it.

If you’re a great vampire survivor, you can totally go for the hyper mode since it offers gold bonus, but I wanted to share how one can get this achievement on normal mode.

My Strategy / Summary

Again, I’m not saying this is the only strategy to get this achievement, but it is what I used to get my achievement. I want to explain the strategy first, then the choices for the run will then be quite apparent.

  1. You would want to maximize your gold gain, that means getting the greed power up, and getting the stone mask as one of your items.
  2. Most of your gold gain will come from fully upgrading all of your items, and then any further upgrades via chests or level ups will allow you to choose between gold and health recovery. We’ll always choose gold.
  3. In particular, in the last 2-3 minutes of the half-hour run, there will be a lot of monsters that drop the red gem, which gives a lot of exp. This means we will need a lot of dps to kill them and to acquire these red gems as quickly as possible.
  4. And so this means you would want to maximize your dps and also get the attractorb item.

In what follows, I’ll explain more clearly the details of this strategy.

Choosing a character

Personally I don’t think the character itself matters too much, if you have a favourite character that you are an expert at, definitely choose them.

But if you want a recommendation, I’ll suggest Imelda or Arca. This is mainly because the items that you want to get for this achievement are quite specific, and the evolved wants provide great dps which definitely helps. I used Imelda to get my achievement. I find Imelda slightly better than Arca since Imelda’s passive is to gain more experience, which allows us to get more gold via level ups toward the end of the run.

That said, as I mentioned, there’s a tiny leeway for items, so it’s fine if you choose some other characters.

Choosing a map

Definitely choose the library, because you can get the stone mask as your 13th item, by getting the stone mask that spawns in the library after you have got your 12 items. Getting the stone mask is pretty much essential.

There’s no need to go for the hyper mode, there’s no shame in doing a lesser challenge when you’re achievement hunting.

Choosing your power ups

If you’re one of those who have already upgraded everything, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if you aren’t one of those lucky ones, I’d recommend the following:

Directly helpful ones:

  1. Greed level 5 (to get more coins)
  2. Luck (to get lucky in chests, and to get your optimal build more easily)
  3. Magnet (to get gems more easily and thus level up more often – see items section)

Indirectly helpful ones, mostly for DPS:

  1. Amount
  2. Might
  3. Cooldown
  4. Area
  5. Duration

There’s a popular steam guide by fradigit that explains in which order you would want to purchase these power ups, which I find very helpful in min-maxing.

Choosing your items

The items are what make or break your run. We’ll try to get the following items.

The core items:

  1. Attractorb [Passive] – this will help you maximize your red gem acquirement in the last few minutes of the run.
  2. Clover [Passive] – this will help you get chests that gives more items. It also helps you in optimizing your item acquirements.
  3. Stone Mask [Passive] – almost essential. We’ll get it as a 13th item in the library, ideally.

The next tier of recommended items:

  1. Cross [Weapon] – since we are choosing the clover, choosing the cross is only natural.
  2. Duplicator [Passive] – one of the best items in the game, for dps.
  3. Peachone and Ebony Wings [Weapon x2] – Since we have 3 passives and 1 weapon from the above, we want to choose these two weapons as they pair up to evolve. After they evolve, they also free up another slot for a weapon, so it’s value!

The final tier of recommended items:

  1. Magic Wand [Weapon] and Empty Tome [Passive] – If you go with Imelda, this is your starting weapon. It also fires at the nearest enemy, so it provides some protection to enemies that you sometimes might miss.
  2. King Bible [Weapon] and Spellbinder [Passive] – Speaking of protection, this is a great choice. The evolved item Unholy Vespers just shields you from the bomb enemies, which sometimes kills your run if you miss them, which happens amidst all the chaos.
  3. Fire Wand [Weapon] and Spinach [Passive] – Both provide great dps. Spinach synergizes with everything in particular.
  4. Laurel [Weapon] or Pentagram [Weapon] – Only get this after you have evolved the birds. Go with the laurel if you don’t trust yourself in dodging enemies (which is quite hard towards the end), but you can also go with the pentagram since screen-clears after 29th minute means a lot of free red gems.

Of course, it’s your run, so you’re free to choose other items (or sometimes you will be forced to), as long as it makes you deal sufficient damage to enemies after 28:00, it should work.

The run!

Here are some tips in getting a good run for this achievement:

  • In the first few minutes, don’t be afraid to use your hp as a resource. If you die, it’s whatever, you only wasted 1-2 minutes. Getting gem to level up as quickly as possible, so you can set yourself up for a good long run. There’s always a green gem near your spawning spot in the library, getting it immediately gives a level up which is great. Also don’t forget to dodge the starting bomb enemy. Losing 50% hp in the first few seconds is a bit annoying.
  • You should also try to spread out a little in your item choices, since as you have seen above, the items are a little tight. Between a level >1 item and a new level 1 item that I want, I would always choose the latter, since it fixes the item as one of your 12 slots. This sacrifices your dps in early game a little, but we can get around it with our mechanical skills.
  • At the same time, you should always choose one direction to walk along the library, till you find the stone mask (hopefully!). Once you find it, the hardest part of the run is over, since this is RNG dependent. You can then stay near the stone mask, but don’t take it yet, remember we would only get it after you have got all 12 items. If you’re unlucky and still didn’t find the stone mask around the 10th minute, you can try to go towards the other direction, or restart your run, or reluctantly choose the stone mask as one of your 12 items via level ups.
  • Starting from the 4-5th minute, I would recommend starting to rush at least one of your weapons to level 8, to prepare its evolution. Don’t evolve it too early though – I think you can only evolve weapons after 10:00 (but I’m not 100% sure).
  • Try to get the attractorb early, since it really helps you get the gems much faster.
  • After evolving one of your weapons, you should have enough dps to start walking around and maximize your gem gains. Just play normally till the last 1-2 minutes.
  • After acquiring all 12 items, don’t forget to pick up the stone mask. Level up the stone mask to max as soon as possible when offered the option, unless you feel your dps is too low and on the verge of failing the run. This sacrifices your dps a little in the meantime, but don’t forget our final goal is to get 5000 gold.
  • Always walk towards one of the directions to maximize your gem gains. Your attractorb should be doing God’s work here. But be careful, don’t walk into a boss! If you have the unholy vespers item, it should provide good protection to make sure you don’t die. Always be mindful of your hp.
  • At the 20th minute your gold should be around 1600, better if more. Don’t feel frustrated if your gold is lower than 1600, you can definitely still make it happen.
  • If you go for the birds, after evolving them, choose laurel or pentagram as your final weapon (see the items section). The birds are quite weak early game, so I’d recommend evolving other weapons first.
  • At the 26-27th minute, you might find yourself not having enough dps to just brainlessly walk towards one direction, so you have to be more conservative in your gem acquirement. It’s OK, just make sure you live.
  • At the 28-29th minute, GO FOR THE RED GEMS!! YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! Always choose the gold option.

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