Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt: All Missions Guide

Hello, this guide will help you complete quests in bloodhunt.



This guide will show you how to complete all the missions in Bloodhunt, from Bloody Roots to Halloween. They’re all optional and give rewards such as clothes, tattoos and xp.

You can check all the quests in the pause menu, challenges tab and choose quests.

Bloody Roots (Part 1-3)

Where to get the quest?

(NPC locations can be different, they change it from time to time)

This will be very easy, from the start of the game all you need to do is talk to Custos.
He’s standing in the lobby area a few meters from where you spawn in.

Part 1

You need to look for antique stores around the map.
(Green circles)

It should spawn on a counter top with and orange aura.

After obtaining the item, go talk with Kirill.

Part 2

All you need to do is go to Art Gallery. Then look for the crate that you can open, its in the same
room. (Green circle on the map)

Then after the quest simply go to Maia and talk with her.

Part 3

Third item for this quest is located on the sidewalk near a shop called “Elektro Expert”
(Green circle location)

After taking the item, go to Maia again and talk with her.


Halloween quests (Gallow’s Hill – Part 1-3)
How to get the quest?

Talk with Omnis in the Elysium.

Part 1

Well to finish this quest all you have to do is just play the game, after 45 minutes spent in the matches you will finish it.

Part 2

In this part you will have to play 5 games as the nosferatu clan (Saboteur and Prowler).

Part 3

To finish this quest you have to kill Entity Soldiers, they are found on the cross marks all around the map (Yellow rectangles).


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