Victoria 3: How to Bypass the Launcher

This guide will allow you to skip the stupid launcher while still launching the game through steam. If you just double-click the Victoria 3.exe, it will skip the launcher, but steam will not track your progress, achievements, hours played, etc.


How to Bypass the Launcher

1. In Steam, go to the library and right-click on Victoria 3.

2. Navigate to properties>local files>browse – this will pull up your V3 game directory.

3. Click “Binaries” and right-click on the Victoria3 application

4. Select “Copy as Path”

5. Go back to Steam and right-click the game again to get back to properties (just as before)

6. Paste (Ctrl+V) that path into launch options under the general tab

7. After pasting, type %command%

8. Profit

It should look like this below, except your game directory location will be different, of course.

“D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Victoria 3\binaries\victoria3.exe” %command%

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