Victoria 3: All Cheat Codes

This article presents the codes that were found in the game Victoria 3.


How are cheats introduced into Victoria 3?

The console is opened with the (~) key. A cheat is entered, then the input is confirmed with the Enter key. If the console does not open, change the language layout from Russian to English.

Simple commands:

yesmen – artificial intelligence agrees with all diplomatic actions

fastbuild – this command allows you to build buildings almost instantly (the cheat affects the speed of building artificial intelligence too, to get around this: order the necessary buildings, turn on the pause, turn on the cheat, order one additional building, all your buildings will receive the maximum construction progress, then turn off the cheat and take a break)

There are many commands that start with “fast”. All known commands starting with fast (see “help” “log_viewer”)

Complex commands:

Complex commands consist of a basic command and conditions. The syntax for such commands is to enter the main command followed by a list of conditions, with each condition separated by a space.


change_law [law_key, tag] – change any law to the specified one


“change_law” is the main command and “law_key” and “tag” are conditions

“law_key” – the name of the law (begins with law, and then, through the underscore, the name of the law is entered: the names of the laws can be viewed in the English version of the game and theoretically through debug_mode)

“tag” – unique country designation (for country “tag” see: “debug_mode”)

Here’s what the finished command looks like:

change_law law_monarchy ENG – the command changes the law on the form of government of England to monarchy


“law_monarchy” – the law on the monarchical form of government

“ENG” – England

List of complex commands:

cash [amount] – adds the specified amount of money (maybe the cheat adds money to artificial intelligence too, needs to be checked…)

research [tech_key/era_number] – the command opens a specific technology/all technologies of an era (in this case, you can choose between two conditions where:

“tech_key” – the name of one specific technology (to find the name of the technology, see: “debug_mode”)

“era_number” – technological era sequence number (technology groups in the technology tree are subdivided into eras, to find out the name of the era, see: “debug_mode”

changestatepop [state_id, pop_type/all, factor] – this command adds any specialists to the specified region (a very useful command, as it allows you to add people of any qualification to the province. The command needs to be checked, since it is not clear whether the script adds people to the province or retrains already available …) where:

“state_id” – province ID, see “debug_mode”

“pop_type” – the name of the profession in English, you can probably determine through “debug_mode”, but you can also use a translator

factor – increase factor, sort of multiplies specialists by the specified number and creates new ones if there are none (maybe it just adds the number, I don’t remember)

add_approval [?, factor] – theoretically adds stakeholder support, research required see “help” and “log_viewer”

add_clout [?] – theoretically adds influence (see “help” and “log_viewer” for syntax)

add_ideology [target_interest_group, ideology_to_add] – theoretically allows you to change the ideology of an interested group (the command requires verification, look for the name of ideologies and groups through “debug_mode”)

target_interest_group – interest group

ideology_to_add – ideology name

add_loyalists [culture, amount] – add loyalists to culture

add_radicals [culture, amount] – add radicals to culture (who needs radicals…)

add_relations [?] – theoretically adds relations between countries (see “help” and “log_viewer” for syntax)

add_war_support [tag, amount] – add war support

annex [tag] – country annexation

own [state_id] – annexation of a region

help, log_viewer and debug_mode:

When entering:

“help fast” – the console will display all commands that contain “fast” (fastbuild (quick construction), fastenact (quick change of laws), fasttravels (quick movement probably), fasthire (quick hiring), fastinstitution (like a quick change of institution, or free change of institute), fastresearch (quick research), etc.

When you enter a full command, the console will display its syntax (what conditions exist in the command and how to write them correctly):

“help change_law” – prints “change_law [law_key, tag]” so you can find out what conditions the command operates on (in this case, “law_key” and “tag”)

Important! – I recommend rechecking the syntax of the command yourself if it does not work for you (if you enter an incorrect condition, the console will display where you made a mistake)

“log_viewer” – for some it will be possible that the console will not show the full list of possible codes due to the limitations of the output in the console. In this case, “log_viewer” will help you, this command will display a panel in which there will be a scrolling option that will allow you to view all potential commands.

“debug_mode” – this command allows you to enable the mode in which when hovering over a province, law, etc. you can see its true name that is used in commands (for example, when hovering over a province, you can find out the id of the province and also the tag of the country)

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